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How Automated HVAC Control Systems are Benefitting Buildings

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, October 15, 2020

How Automated HVAC Control Systems are Benefitting Buildings

Construction companies are automating the building's HVAC control systems to make it easy for the managers or owners to fix issues within the structure. 

FREMONT, CA: Every time a building's internal system has to run through several complicated tasks and situations. The buildings' internal structure is not simple because they have various functions like maintaining a comfortable and cost-effective temperature in the floors and rooms or dictating the areas where light is necessary.

However, with the rise of technologies, several building management tools can help the construction companies streamline processes and ultimately reduce the amount of time necessary to maintain the building's performance. The technologies are mostly required for the building's HVAC control systems because they are so deep-rooted in the building's ecosystem that it becomes difficult to manually adjust the various types of dampers, apparatus, and valves. But, if the construction companies plug HVAC controls into the building automation system (BAS), they can change things for the better.

1) Streamline Responsibilities

Like any other technology, HVAC control systems are designed to act-up from time to time. Conducting it can rapidly become a massive chore that connects everyone, starting from the building manager to the primary engineer or on-site employees. Here are some of the questions which the building managers might have to answer.

• How many areas in te4h building are affected?

• Will it influence anyone in the building?

• What is the origin of the problem?

• Who can be contacted to solve the issue?

With ODIN software, the building managers can track the HVAC building system and identify any issue even before they occur. It becomes easy for the managers to delegate the task to the best suitable person to resolve it.

2) Hands-Free Problem Solving

In a building, whenever any equipment does not function correctly, the building owner or manager has to call the service center to fix it immediately.

Suppose the HVAC of the building is an IoT-equipped BAS like ODIN, it will become easy to fix such problems in the building because the managers do not even have to lift a finger to maintain an optimum level of comfort. There can be several temperature monitoring points in a building, but even if one of them does not work automated HVAC control system will easily replace its work until it is repaired.



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