Digital Construction & Machines - Much More Than Technology

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Digital Construction & Machines - Much More Than Technology

Construction's 'Digital Leap Year'

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Construction's 'Digital Leap Year'

How AI Benefits the Construction Industry

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Artificial Intelligence in construction will help companies make the work environment safer, more efficient, and productive.

FREMONT, CA : Currently, no Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology comes close to providing this level of functionality. Several businesses are now trying to teach AI systems that could improve the construction industry's performance.

What is AI in Construction?

Artificial intelligence is a concept that describes how machines can be taught to mimic human cognitive functions such as pattern recognition, learning from experience, and comprehending images. In construction, AI is used to make construction sites safer, minimize waste, and increase production.

AI in construction is one of the significant construction technological advancements that evolved in recent years. Even though the technology is still new and not commonly used, it is expected to develop in the future.

The possible advantages of AI in construction are essential, making it a worthwhile investment. The following examples show, there are various situations in which construction AI is already being used or will be in the near future.

Use Cases for AI in Construction

Generative design

Designers who use BIM technology can find that generative design technology is beneficial. AI will analyze numerous minor and significant design changes in a BIM model to make it better, more robust, or simply cost-effective and faster to construct. A human would take months to investigate all of these possibilities, but an AI engineering program can do so in hours.

Project management

Even with experienced project managers managing the construction project, most often suffer from delays or cost overruns. Academic research into AI forecasting algorithms has proved to be highly effective in predicting project cost overruns.

Project managers may use AI-assisted PPM software to determine the likelihood of their plans being postponed. It might enable them to revamp projects and better making use of time and resources.


AI-assisted construction robotics offers the key to save time and lower risk. This type of technology can save a lot of money and accelerate the completion of projects. When construction companies get projects in a remote area getting staff can become challenging, but remote diggers can continuously work and clear, which helps complete the job quickly.

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