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Working Through The Pandemic

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Influence of Technology on the Elevator and Escalator Industry

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Coretrust's Bi-Polar Ionization to Purify Elevator Air

Construction Tech Review | Monday, October 18, 2021

Coretrust establishes a bi-polar ionization technology for the purification of elevator air in its office buildings

FREMONT, CA: Bi-polar ionization is only one component of a COVID-19 preventive strategy. Additional techniques, such as enhanced ventilation, humidity optimization, and indoor air quality monitoring, all contribute significantly to the virus's eradication. Coretrust Capital Partners is one of the first office building owners in the US to install bi-polar ionization generators in each elevator car at its significant office assets in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. Coretrust has pioneered the novel technique in collaboration with three prominent elevator manufacturers, as each of its buildings has a unique elevator provider.

“Adding bi-polar ionization technology within our elevators provides another level of safety for our office tenants and visitors,” says Thomas S. Ricci, Managing Principal and co-founder of Coretrust, regarding the technology.  “This innovative technology adds to our sophisticated systems that deliver the finest possible indoor air quality for our returning tenants.”

“Elevators are at the top of customer anxieties because of the frequency of usage and close proximity of occupants,” notes Ricci. “To completely alleviate elevator concerns, we thought it important to maintain continuous air purification in the cabs and, through research, learned that bi-polar ionization is a perfect solution.”

 “However, the ion generators must sit atop the elevator cabs or within the elevator car operating panel, either of which is a complex installation due to the existing operating equipment placement.  In order to install this new technology, we needed the cooperation of our three elevator companies as well as approval by numerous government entities in each location,” Ricci continues.

“The bi-polar technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions, each with an electric charge like those that exist in nature.  The generator sends these ions into the entire elevator cab through the ventilation system.  This is a pure and natural air purifying process that effectively restores the natural balance of ions in the air and neutralizes bacteria and virus cells, molds, odor causing particles, aerosols, and VOCs,” Ricci states.

“Fujitec installed the IONFUL developed with the Sharp Corporation, to purify elevator cab air and decrease the risk of inhaling airborne pathogens at 2 Liberty Place in Philadelphia,” reports Joseph Rennekamp, Vice President, Operations, Fujitec America, Inc. “Several efficacy reports over the past 15 years proved ionization effectiveness in mitigating the transmission of airborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria and fungi.”

Additionally, Coretrust collaborated with the three corporations to remodel and upgrade all elevators in their three buildings: Four FortyFour South Flower Street in Los Angeles; 2 Liberty Place in Philadelphia; and the PASARROYO office campus in Pasadena, California. Additionally, the elevator firms built touchless destination dispatch systems in each car, enabling tenants to use their unique access cards to summon cars to their assigned levels without pressing buttons.

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