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Cemen Tech Connect - A Mobile Mixer Solution for Concrete

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, March 20, 2020

Cemen Tech Connect, a web-based, video technical support system for volumetric concrete mixing.

FREMONT, CA: For more than 50 years, volumetric concrete, a process wherein materials like sand, stone, cement, and water contained in separate compartments in a truck are mixed on a  construction site to produce the exact amount of concrete required, has been followed. However, the regulations associated with volumetric concrete demands new technologies that can move beyond current volumetric technology in strict-mix concrete markets. To help the DOT customers use volumetric concrete, Cemen Tech, an Iowa-based volumetric mixer manufacturer, launches a mobile app using web-based tools.

Cemen Tech introduces Cemen Tech Connect, a web-based, video technical support system that can be employed using the company's trucks and Accu-Pour mix software. This new technology disrupts mobile-to-mobile communication leading to a lot of misinterpretation on the job site through the video platform. It establishes a direct connection with customers on-site pouring and mixing concrete through real-time videos to support them with the abilities like multi-party video calling, content sharing capabilities, and two-way screen annotation. It assists customers with troubleshooting, part identification, field evaluations, and more.

"One of the biggest challenges in providing phone support to customers is ensuring a common understanding of the issue. Cemen Tech Connect allows our technical experts to visually be in the field with our customers, to understand problems faster, outline routine maintenance procedures and provide the information and support necessary to get our customers back up and running," says Connor Deering, president and CEO of Cemen Tech.

Tony Hood, Cemen Tech's regional dealer support manager, is currently working with the Texas Department of Transportation's San Antonio division to help specify volumetric concrete using Cemen Tech Connect. The settings are preset in a control computer placed in the Cemen Tech's truck to achieve the desired mix, which is followed by the actual mixing of concrete using a Cemen Tech mixer at the end of the truck on a construction site.

Cemen Tech can also help address the programming issues with computers. The Cemen Tech Connect mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app stores. The support provided by phones is inefficient owing to lack of understanding, and Cemen Tech handles this issue by allowing the technical experts to be visually proactive in the field. This helps to solve problems faster with better understanding by giving the necessary support and guidelines. Recently, the company has launched a site, provided with free registration capabilities to help state DOTs, municipalities, engineers, and others to understand volumetric concrete mixing while meeting the DOT specifications.

Operating in more than 60 countries, Cemen Tech Connect has recently been deployed in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Georgia, and the company has opened a support center in Manchester, U.K.

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