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Carving Future-Proofed Data Solutions For Design Management

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, June 13, 2019

FREMONT, CA: From a time perspective design work is tricky. Architects create drawings and conceptual designs in the present and the structures are built in the future. Project costs and other economic conditions in the future are complicated. If everything goes as planned without any drag out because of approvals, permitting, weather or other unforeseen circumstances, these forecasts have been guesswork at best. Design experts can consider all likely factors at play in a region, including material costs and local labor charges using predictive data. This makes it much simpler to finish a project within the proposed budget.

• Predictive Costs

Predictive cost data is different from traditional econometric forecasts based on econometric principles and modeling techniques. Traditional predictions are based on macroeconomic theory, and the interpretation of those macroeconomic indicators demonstrates them to be statistically insignificant predictors. Predictive cost data practices, mining techniques, and principles to enhance traditional econometric modeling practices.

• Predictive data and design

To keep designs in line with budgets, the ability to use predictive data that accounts for real market conditions and commodity price impacts on material costs is essential. Construction experts are already using predictive data analytics to predict the cost of construction up to three years before the project breaks ground more accurately. Using predictive data, clients have more confidence in the designs and in the people who deliver them and the project costs are also predicted correctly.

• Data makes the difference

Accurate cost data makes it easier for the designers to process the project sooner. Using trustworthy pricing information helps to find value-creating, viable alternatives. Integrating predictive cost data into the design manner keeps today’s plans in line with tomorrow’s financial certainties. Accurate data makes a lot of difference when it comes to maximizing project budget.

The traditional methods do not meet today’s needs for accurate planning and budgeting as these methods do not predict market swings or sharp cost escalations well. Technology has resulted in an incredibly useful tool, which is predictive data.

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