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Can Green Buildings be a Game Changer in the Construction Sector?

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, September 17, 2020

In the wake of the pandemic the world is facing, green buildings and facilities will provide health and well-being benefits other than resource conservation.

FREMONT, CA; Human intervention has reduced, and nature is now in its truest form. Therefore the time has arrived when we must learn how to build green and live green with a positive spirit. Similar to many other industries, even the construction industry has been massively impacted by the present situation. Although the government and private institutions have set their guidelines to work in the present scenario, it has affected the construction sector in a big way while affecting the demand for new homes and offices because of the current economic crisis. Considering the situation, the pandemic's impact on the lives, health, and well-being in the future has led us to a time to follow the environmentally conscious approach at all levels. 

Top 10 BIM Consulting/Services Companies - 2020Using a green building approach in the workplace's indoor spaces will boost productivity and improve business growth. The green building approach helps the employees' mental and physical well-being and their spiritual health as well. 

The health and safety aspects are being given a lot of importance to build a better environment and save resources. It is a must to ensure green and sustainable practices to create a safe and healthy environment. For instance, labor who is working at the construction site should be provided with good quality drinking water, labor personnel having Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), periodic health check-up, labor camps should be sanitized for their health and hygiene, and contractors must be educated to implement all these policies. In the end, the productivity of the business depends upon the health and well-being of laborers.

Giving preference to purchasing local material and green-certified products and technologies is vital because local employment is generated, and the economy gets a boost. There are above 1,000 green-certified products for the construction industry and can be used in the green building market. The developers and government focus on precasting technology in the construction sector as it is eco-friendly and faster for construction.

People should also use green paints, adhesives, sealants, green furniture, green-certified wood application, and green certified housekeeping materials. For waste management, there the three Rs to follow i.e., reuse, recycle, and reduce, which includes safe collection and disposal of waste. To sum up, green building is a holistic approach that gives a healthy life and good quality of the environment to cope with the current challenges of the pandemic, climate change, and global warming.

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