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Can Drones be Utilized for Project Planning?

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, September 18, 2020

Drones have revolutionized the way construction industry functions, and it looks like the advancements are here to stay.

FREMONT, CA: Drones are seen across every industry field, but one of the primary adopters of the technology is the construction sector. Leveraging drone technology in construction has modified the methods of designing buildings, along with constructing and maintaining them. It is considered that drones are specially built to take photos and videos. Nevertheless, it benefits construction companies and developers by enhancing design precision and quality, along with simplifying maintenance during the building process.

Project managers and contractors are utilizing every property of the drone to fulfill their roles more efficiently. Here are a few applications and critical functions of drones during various phases of a building life cycle:

Inspecting Site Conditions:

While purchasing land, it is complicated to understand the terrain and land distribution completely. As a result, drones are used to capture images and provide landowners with a better deal out of their investment. Drones can effortlessly fly and capture pictures when needed, and they have minimal operating costs than any other device for that purpose. Since, drones fly at a lower level than the airplanes, the presence of clouds does not hamper the quality of the photographs. Additionally, the data collected by drones can be leveraged by engineering software to scale dimensions, elevation changes, and assess material volumes for earthworks.

Location Planning:

Data and images captured by drones can be utilized in combination with site plans to build layouts that offer more information and a better understanding of the location. The drawn plans can be superimposed on the photographs for the designers to distribute different elements such as buildings, parking lots, and landscaping other areas. 

3D Scans:

Photogrammetry, referred to as scanning existing structures to build 3D models, is helpful particularly in retrofits and renovations as it allows the construction of an in-depth model with perfect conditions. Data from drones can also be converted into virtual building models using ER goggles to observe the outcome of renovations.

Maintenance and Damage Inquiries:

Drone data can be useful when it comes to maintenance planning and damage assessment. Furthermore, it can be used while working on as-built drawings and models, which helps the owners to make better decisions for future renovations and upgrades. Besides, drones can fly around structures and measure the intensity of the damage in a natural disaster.

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