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Building a Culture of Safety on Construction Site

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, October 30, 2020

Health and safety on the construction site are vital to protecting workers and keeping the job running quickly.

FREMONT, CA: Safety is one of the essential considerations construction managers should take before any project gets underway. Managers should always make sure that every aspect of health and safety has been considered before starting construction. Health and safety in construction are especially important because the industry is prone to hazardous incidents and can be dangerous. This is why safety is significant on construction sites, and having each worker on the site properly trained and armed with modern safety equipment is of utmost importance. Read on to know more.

Top 10 Safety and Compliance Solution Companies - 2020Construction site safety decreases the risk of injuries to the public and reduces work-related injuries and accidents. A recent report estimates that nearly a quarter of all work-related fatalities occur in the construction industry, and several injuries that do not lead to death occur. Falls, being struck by objects, being caught in between equipment, or electrocution are the four most common causes of accidental deaths and other injuries. Having a culture of safety mitigates the risk of these types of accidents. Construction site hazards also scale the overall cost of the project. Often devices or supplies are damaged, and the overhead will increase. For injured workers, worker’s compensation claims can increase total operating costs. Keeping the construction site safe limits this risk, so it can be finished on time and within budget.

Even if hazards do not occur, an unsafe workplace is a risk. Regulatory agencies need specific standards of safety, both on the federal and state levels. If construction sites do not adhere to these regulations, managers put their company at risk because an unsafe work environment can bring in hefty fines and penalties if failures come to light. Following and exceeding present safety guidelines protects construction projects against this genuine risk.

With the advantages of focusing on safety being obvious, it is time to take a closer look at the construction site to protect the company. To develop a culture of safety, make safety needs a condition of employment. Hosting regular training can ensure everyone understands the safety recommendations and rewarding workers who regularly can make safety a priority.

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