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braXos Releases LiftOff 2.0

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

braXos Releases LiftOff 2.0

New release of LiftOff Touchless Elevator solution combines with Access Control Systems to enhance security management and user experience.

FREMONT, CA: braXos, a developer of developing security and connectivity solutions, releases LiftOff 2.0, a significant update of its touchless elevator solution. LiftOff 2.0 brings together braXos smart architecture with its full library of Steward connectors to integrate the LiftOff touchless elevator solution with developing access control systems. The new release also provides an API that offers third-party app developers and property managers the potential to seamlessly embed LiftOff into multi-function apps developed to increase tenant and resident loyalty.

LiftOff is an app-based touchless elevator solution that allows safe, secure, and convenient vertical transportation in residential and commercial buildings. LiftOff puts elevator management in users' hands through the intuitive smartphone app while offering building managers increased control over developing security by limiting access to authorized floors.

The integration between LiftOff and developing access control systems achieved through braXos Steward connectors allows building and security managers to control one set of user permissions for developing security, including access control and vertical security. Any additions made in the access control system are automatically updated in LiftOff, optimizing provisioning, onboarding, and security management. Because LiftOff works with elevators from leading manufacturers and partners with a wide range of access control systems, building owners with several properties can use LiftOff 2.0 to centralize user management across their properties without replacing existing systems.

An additional feature of the release is the LiftOff API, which third-party app developers can use to embed LiftOff into multi-function apps. Adding touchless elevator manages to apps that help digitalize other building services, like scheduling resources or submitting maintenance requests, expands the usability of these apps and can increase adoption by including a function that tenants use daily. Through the additional capabilities in LiftOff 2.0, the company is enabling a more holistic approach to developing security management while supporting the transition to digital tenant services.

LiftOff uses beacons to recognize users as they enter the building and can call cabs before the tenant arrives at the elevators, mitigating wait times and minimizing congestion in front of elevator banks that can occur with card-based touchless systems. LiftOff 2.0  offers users the flexibility to unlock the elevator kiosk to reach authorized floors.

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