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Bentley System's Acceleration Fund Launches Virtuosity

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, July 16, 2020

Bentley System's Acceleration Fund Launches Virtuosity

Bentley Systems have invested in Virtuosity to increase the speed and advancement of the virtually delivered services.

FREMONT, CA: Bentley Systems’ Acceleration Fund has invested in the launch of Virtuosity, a Bentley company. Bentley System Inc. is a prominent provider of comprehensive software and digital twins’ services that are used to develop the construction, design, and operations of the infrastructure. 

Virtuosity is the global supplier of Virtuoso Subscription for the Bentley Systems Infrastructure simulation, modeling, and construction applications. The Virtuoso Subscriptions obtained from the ecommerce site combines with the Bentley software application. 

Virtuosity offers its clients Virtuoso Subscriptions combined with the Bentley infrastructure modeling, construction application, or simulation. Moreover, the infrastructure practitioner can increase the speed and advancement of the success with virtually delivered services of Virtuosity. 

Now, the Virtuoso Subscriptions are available in OpenBridge, OpenFlows, OpenSite, OpenWindPower, ContextCapture, PLAXIS, MicroStation, OpenRail, OpenTower, OpenRoads, AutoPIPE, RAM, MOSES, SACS, LEGION, STAAD, SoilVision, SYNCHRO, and Bentleys iTwin Design Review cloud service. 

With the help of Virtuoso Subscription keys, the users will also get access to Virtuosity’s expert services. It has a wide range of training and one-to-one mentoring services, on-demand learning, and content that can be implemented while using the application. 

As per the CEO of Virtuosity, Allan Murphy, “The worlds infrastructure professionals have all gained a new appreciation for what can be achieved through online collaboration. We think this is the perfect time to inaugurate our commercial innovation: a virtuoso subscription that enhances the functionality of a software application through intrinsic assistance from subject matter experts. We’re marshalling and virtualizing our domain expertise to help every infrastructure practitioner perform with the confidence of a virtuoso.” 

The Bentley Systems Acceleration Fund invests in the latest and incremental participants in the open environment to improve the infrastructure of digital twins. The Acceleration Fund will monitor to increase the speed of creation and curation of digital twins. Recently, they have invested in Virtuosity and Digital Construction Works, The Cohesive Companies, and Digital Water Works.

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