How Digital Tools can help Construction Teams work Smarter

Ty Campbell, Director, Online Services, United Rentals

How Digital Tools can help Construction Teams work Smarter

Redefining BIM with mobile reality capture and real-time insights

Mark Concannon, Executive Vice President, Hexagon Geosystems

Redefining BIM with mobile reality capture and real-time insights

The Future of Technology in Construction

Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

The Future of Technology in Construction

An Illustration of the Application of Mobile Architecture

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Businesses worldwide are focusing their efforts on developing apps that will enable them to communicate with their target audiences more efficiently and proactively, solving their problems and collaborating on a common goal.

FREMONT, CA: When developing a mobile or web application, it is critical to ensure that each component is well-built. Every popular Android and iOS application has a robust mobile app architecture and consistently wins over users. Even minor issues that arise while developing a mobile app architecture can degrade the final product's quality.

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Utilization of mobile architecture

A well-defined architecture simplifies and accelerates work. Developers and managers have increased control over the application's work and data flow. It increases the efficiency of testing and the overall quality of management and product.  Below is the three-layer architecture model of a mobile application.

The presentation layer

The presentation layer is determined by the look and behavior of the screens. On the other hand, business logic depends on the type of data provided by the data layer and how this data must be processed to meet the requirements of the presentation layer. Finally, the data layer manages the data sources, synchronizes them, and distributes them to higher levels.

The data layer

To optimize the data layer, one must choose a programming pattern that solves common problems and simplifies and accelerates work. For mobile projects, the optimal pattern for the data layer will be the so-called Repository pattern. It has the most precise scope, making it the ideal place to begin optimizing.

The repository pattern

It is one of the numerous examples of data layer patterns. Applying this approach automatically solves another group of problems. In this case, employing the Repository pattern enables the development of logic responsible for providing well-mapped data to the business layer. All specific implementations of data sources can be easily replaced without affecting the business logic layer.

A well-chosen architecture eliminates a great deal of maintenance and development headaches. Additionally, it provides structure to both the development process and the overall project. It is critical during the development and maintenance phases because it improves or corrects non-existent or inadequate architecture. 

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