How Digital Tools can help Construction Teams work Smarter

Ty Campbell, Director, Online Services, United Rentals

How Digital Tools can help Construction Teams work Smarter

Redefining BIM with mobile reality capture and real-time insights

Mark Concannon, Executive Vice President, Hexagon Geosystems

Redefining BIM with mobile reality capture and real-time insights

The Future of Technology in Construction

Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

The Future of Technology in Construction

Advantages of Using Construction Mobile Apps on the Jobsite

Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, August 31, 2021

It has been long since the world entered the digital era, which has profoundly affected numerous businesses.

FREMONT, CA: With the increased adoption of mobile apps in the construction industry, stakeholders can instantly access documents and other information without wasting time. As a result, mobile applications are becoming a critical component of the construction sector, as they not only boost efficiency but also save time.

Mobile devices effectively deliver information immediately to the location where it is needed on a construction site. It's convenient, and its use by everybody participating in the project, from engineers to non-tech savvy laborers, is a no-brainer.

Almost 80 percent of smartphone owners check their phones far too frequently during the day. Additionally, they spend nearly four hours of their day on their phones. Those in positions of authority within a firm, such as supervisors and managers, view mobile phones as the most effective communication method. Thus, the usage of a mobile application on a building site is justified.

Each day, a large amount of information is required on a construction site. Providing crew members with easy and rapid access to it can increase productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

The Benefits of Mobile Apps in Construction:

Enhanced Efficiency

Project management software ensures construction efficiency and productivity. While they are all part of the project manager's duties, it's easy to miss something important with such a broad reach. For instance, Pro Crew Mobile App allows project managers to monitor all site activity without touring, saving time.

Another circumstance when a mobile construction app is preferred is when immediate boss approval is required. Sending proof of a job request over the cloud is faster. Because CEOs aren't always at their desks, a mobile app allows them to review recommendations anywhere.

Supplier management apps are also available. A building project cannot move on to the next stage if its materials run out. Orders may be placed promptly and tracked, preventing future complications like undeclared or incorrect purchases.

Using construction project management software eliminates the need for cumbersome and time-consuming manual entry. Also, mobile apps provide objective metrics and proof of completion for any process.

Also, mobile apps allow all members to see activity. This improves efficiency, production, and credibility. As a result, the project's team relationship is reinforced.

Cost-Effective Alternatives

Paper-based and manual inputs are becoming increasingly outmoded and costly in the long run. Additionally, there are just a few techniques to ensure that an important document was delivered to the intended recipient. Construction site engineers or managers may verify in real-time whether a document has been viewed or not using an app. This serves as a signal to remind the recipient if they have forgotten to read or respond to the document.

When it comes to the cost of employing a mobile app on a building site, all that is required is a monthly subscription fee. Mobile applications are compatible with most smartphone brands—from Android to Microsoft to Apple—and because practically everyone already owns a phone, there is no need to purchase a new one for each member.

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