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Construction Tech Review | Friday, October 11, 2019

There are various applications for drones in the construction industry that will reduce the labor needs while increasing the technical prospects, such as managing or controlling UAV or drones in a construction site.

FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has been there for decades, but the tools used for construction have significantly changed. Though some of the designed principles for buildings have remained similar for the millennia, the procedures have evolved. One of the latest game-changer in the construction sector is the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) popularly known as drones.

Within no time, drones have disrupted the industry and transformed the construction procedure. The roles that drones commonly fulfill in the construction industry are data capture, surveying a construction site, and planning.

Construction Site Mapping

Earlier mapping a construction site was a complicated and time-consuming process, but with the introduction of drones, construction processes have changed. Mapping a construction site did not only take time but was also costly. The contractors had to hire a pilot for flying over the area of construction and take photographs.

Now, the drone has made the entire process easy, the contractors can fly a drone over a site, and it will do the same job. It has made it much easier to obtain images that are necessary for constructing the building. Besides, the projects with a small budget couldn't afford the essential models and data. This problem is also eliminated with the usage of drones.

Therefore, drones have not only eliminated the cost-barrier but also made it possible to get real-time images of the project each day.

Inspections of a Construction Site

Investigations on a construction site are related to many safety issues, but the safety concern has minimalized immensely due to the usage of drones. The construction workers do not have to risk their life anymore as they can achieve the same tasks with more ease with a drone. The site manager can review the footage of the construction site while safely sitting in their office. The footage can be seen in real-time feed or as a recorded video, as well.

Surveying of a Building

It can be challenging to access the roof of a building for the survey, but drones make the task more comfortable and safer. With a drone, surveying the roof also becomes easy and quick. Moreover, it also comes at a reduced cost, as it does not need any scaffolding or ladders to get access to the roof.

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