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Why Install an Elevator in Your House?

Construction Tech Review | Monday, January 03, 2022

The residence is a fortress. By adding an elevator, individuals can maximize their living space.

FREMONT, CA: What images come to mind when people consider an in-home elevator? Perhaps people envision a sumptuous multi-story mansion with an elevator that whisks guests to the upper floors in style. Alternatively, consider a home that includes an elevator solely for functional purposes. It enables wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility to maintain their independence and move about their homes with ease.

While necessity and luxury are two compelling reasons to install an elevator in the home, they are not the only ones. Additionally, adding an elevator to the home can make it safer and more functional. It may even increase the value of the home. Consider some of the advantages of installing an elevator in greater detail.

1. Including an elevator in the home may increase the value of the property

An individual may wish to sell his home at some point. When that time comes, one of his hopes may be to recoup more than he paid for the house initially. The property value of his home is likely to increase over time due to inflation and market fluctuations. Additionally, he can change his property to increase its appeal to potential buyers and its selling price.

Does an elevator increase the resale value of a home? Perhaps. Hiring an appraiser is one way to determine the value an elevator or home lift will add to the home. An appraiser evaluates properties to ascertain their market value. They'll inspect the inside and outside of the home during the appraisal process. They'll note any unique features on the property, such as a pool or elevator. Additionally, they will document any code violations or safety concerns. Along with evaluating the home, the appraiser will research comparable home sales in the area.

Along with determining the home's current market value, an appraiser can conduct a feasibility study and estimate how much the home's value would increase if he added an elevator. He can then compare the increase in value to the cost of installing the elevator to determine whether the investment will pay off in the long run.

2. Elevators Simplify Daily Life

A residential elevator simplifies moving people or objects between floors in the home. The elevator can transport bags of heavy groceries, bulky storage boxes, and oddly shaped equipment between floors. If an individual dreads dragging a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs, or if the holiday season requires transporting boxes of decorations from the attic to the living area, an elevator may be beneficial.

3. Elevators in Homes Increase Safety

Specific individuals struggle with the stairwell. They may be restricted in their mobility due to a medical condition or an injury, or they may be fearful of tripping and falling. Installing an elevator provides a secure means of transport for an individual and his family members.

Along with making it easier and safer to navigate home, elevators incorporate numerous safety features. Residential elevators installed by Inclinator include code-compliant safety gates. Additionally, our elevators feature emergency battery-powered cab lowering and lighting, as well as continuous cab monitoring. Choose a model with light curtains and door safety guards to increase the safety of the home elevator.

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