Manufacton: Driving Offsite Construction Benefits through Enhanced Visibility

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 Jason Barber, VP - Industry Solutions & Strategy, Manufacton Jason Barber, VP - Industry Solutions & Strategy
The modern-day construction industry is utilizing prefabrication methods like never before because of its benefits and high value. However, as the majority of the large components are constructed offsite, even a single error during the prefabrication process can put an entire building at risk. Aware of the need for a robust monitoring system to address these challenges, Massachusetts-based company Manufacton is on a mission to be the offsite construction software platform. The company helps general contractors, as well as trade contractors, leverage the power of prefabrication by offering a SaaS-based platform that integrates supply chain, prefab production, and planning. “We streamline offsite construction for contractors by providing them with visibility across their entire supply chain,” says Jason Barber, Vice President - Industry Solutions at Manufacton.

Manufacton software allows companies to monitor and track the progress at every stage of the operation, enhancing collaboration and streamlining communication among the stakeholders. In doing so, companies achieve maximum accuracy and timeliness of the end-to-end construction supply chain. Manufacton software was designed to facilitate multiple workflows and is optimized with a mobile and web app form. The mobile app can be used for scanning QR codes to update status and keep track of the progress and also provides additional benefits such as checklists, recording production hours, and more.
On the other hand, the web app allows users to get detailed information concerning fabrication, materials, and line items.

Manufacton software’s three modules, including Prefab Planner, Production Planner, and Supply Chain Manager, are all designed to cover all the bases of offsite construction management. The Prefab Planner allows companies to plan, schedule, and prioritize detailing of packages. Subsequently, the Production Planner captures the information and channels it into production. Supply Chain Manager maintains all of the assemblies and kits in one place to ensure they arrive to the job site at the right time.

Manufacton works with its clients, beginning with an onboarding process by deeply understanding their business model, operations, and the technologies they use, which is documented by workflow mapping. Once the initial stages are completed, Manufacton allows clients’ teams to run pilots and streamline projects based on the desired vs. achieved results. “We help our clients identify the right people and turn them into champions in executing the projects to perfection,” explains Barber. The platform also protects clients from potential security threats through APIs. Barber highlights, “We monitor APIs to make sure there are no phishing attempts. Additionally, if the data transfer hits a certain threshold, we will lock down the particular instance where the information is getting transferred.
  • We streamline offsite construction for contractors by providing them with visibility across their entire supply chain

” Among the companies to leverage the benefits of Manufacton is an electrical contracting firm that previously ran their entire prefabrication facility on dry erase boards and spreadsheets. Manufacton helped the company expand their operations and reduce additional management staff while eliminating the use of dry erase boards. As a result, the contracting firm is now able to deliver greater throughput and hire more workers in their shops and other facilities. The number of the client’s prefabrication projects has grown from about 10 percent to almost 60 percent of their total projects.

Moving ahead, Manufacton looks to expand its partnerships and its capabilities for field installation, as well as focus more on areas like facilities management. The vision of the company is to make prefabrication easier and simple for its growing clientele.
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Boston, MA

Jason Barber, VP - Industry Solutions & Strategy

Manufacton empowers construction firms to set up fabrication facilities by shipping volumetric modular pieces of the building to the job-site

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