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In the age of mobility, the construction industry, with its numerous decentralised projects spread across remote locations has a lot to benefit from deploying mobility solutions. For a project manager, architect, engineer, or the onsite crew, it is vital to complete their work onsite. Impediments stem from the communication gap resulting from the back and forth onsite and offsite flow and transfer of information, which does not happen in real time. “This set us thinking. Why don’t we bring the very complex drafting and planning process from the drawing board in the office to where the real work happens—on the construction site? As a response to this question, magicplan was born,” says Andreas Boehm, CEO of magicplan.

magicplan, a mobile solution that transforms built space into data, is a novel data acquisition tool that aggregates information about the built area and makes it accessible to a variety of stakeholders. With its 4.7 star rated app, today, magicplan is an indispensable tool for the construction industry to create floor plans and 3D models, estimate cost, and embark on virtual tours. The app enables builders to be more efficient.

Fast, precise and easy to use is what best describes magicplan enabling project managers to seamlessly conduct their routine operations. With the onboarding process made significantly effortless, any amateur can easily become proficient in magicplan to quickly sketch plans with a touch or capture them by scanning rooms. The intuitive application leverages augmented reality and artificial intelligence to acquire and classify information for improved construction workflows.
“Apple did a great job of enabling smartphones to measure; substantiating over that capability magicplan further enhances the user’s ability to see and understand the surroundings,” states Boehm. magicplan uses augmented reality to guide the user through the process of capturing the space, and leverages artificial intelligence to classify the captured space into unique elements like doors or windows. Based on this foundation, the constructor can not only create a floor plan but a full 3D representation of the floor space, which forms the structure to be used for the construction work. magicplan provides a visual representation of the real world in its floor plan and the plan transform. “With its feature to take clients on a virtual tour, magicplan reflects reality,” highlights Boehm.
  • With its feature to take clients on a virtual tour, magicplan reflects reality

With an exclusive focus on the construction arena for the past eight years, magicplan currently has three million floor plans in its database. One of the largest general contractors in Germany used magicplan for more than 18,000 projects over the last few years. The project managers immensely benefitted from the time savings brought forth by magicplan. They could gather and access all the built space data like pictures and notes from anywhere and share it among the crew during the project for a common decision making. Another client from the U.S. had a standardized survey to be conducted prior to every large infrastructure project to check the impact or damages on surrounding buildings. “We customized magicplan to fit the client’s needs and saved four to six hours on their expensive surveys for every individual project, which translated to thousands of dollars as savings,” says Boehm.

According to Boehm, they have releases with new updates and enhanced features every four to eight weeks. On the anvil are plans to bring forth new design solutions for smartphones that are in line with the evolving consumer market. “Our key elements and focus for the future is to help clients not only in the scoping and quotation process but also in client communication and project management,” says Boehm. By doing so, magicplan will become even more indispensable for the construction industry.
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Montreal, Canada

Andreas Boehm, CEO

Magicplan is a mobile solution that transforms built space into data. It is a novel data acquisition tool that aggregates information about the built area and makes it accessible to a variety of stakeholders. magicplan as the floor plan app is a combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence enabling on-site data acquisition, categorization and processing. With the magicplan app, anyone can create a floor plan in no time, just with a tablet or smartphone. magicplan based in Munich and Montreal has over 16 million users and major corporations who have created the largest floor plan database in the world

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