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Shaun Ashmead, Managing Director, LigtasShaun Ashmead, Managing Director
The construction industry covers a wide range of activities, from large-scale construction projects to very small house renovations. It employs more than 18 million people and contributes to 9 percent of the EU’s GDP. With so many employees to take care of, basic health and safety and legal practices must be adhered to in construction sites. For several decades, the construction industry has had poor health and safety records. But those times have passed, and with the OSH Framework Directive, minimum safety and health requirements are now mandatory at construction sites. Construction companies seldom have the expertise to adhere to these safety compliances. Ligtas Limited—a health safety, and environmental consultancy service provider—is solving this problem and helping construction companies stay compliant with the regulations.

Ligtas Limited has over 20 years of experience in providing consultancy to businesses. It has a network of experts in the UK who relentlessly work to help clients maintain brand reputation by enabling them to provide a safe and secure work environment to construction workers. It is a customer-centric brand, for which it invests in the latest IT systems to ensure that updated solutions are offered to the customers.

Ligtas offers consultancy in 5 key areas, which are health and safety, fire safety, construction safety, water safety, and training.

Ligtas Consultancy and Training offers extensive consultancy services that have a holistic approach to health and safety. It offers support in all aspects of business compliance. It assists in framing health and safety strategies, policies and offers risk management solutions. Clients can be sure that they are safeguarding the health and wellbeing of their employees, contractors, and the general public. Ligtas offers expertise in Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and its application to all construction works such as new build, refurbishment, conversions, alterations, repair and maintenance, and demolition, regardless of the duration and size of the project. It offers Client CDM advisory, Principal Design Advisory, and Contractor Advisory, along with which it assists in site inspections and audits.

Ligtas has a record of maintaining high standards throughout the consultancy process. It holds ISO 9001 accreditation for training services. Ligtas’ teams offer critical proficiency as NEBOSH examiners and former enforcement officers. It works in proximity with its customers to ensure that they receive the best and optimum training services. The courses, offered in the training, can be studied from anywhere, be it face to face, or via the eLearning platform. Ligtas offers a harmonious level of customer service which is supported by its consultative framework.
  • Ligtas offers a harmonious level of customer service which is supported by its consultative framework.

Ligtas offers Fire Risk Assessment and Management that enables the clients to have control over any non-domestic premises, regardless of the number of employees. The assessment assesses the fire risks, suggests preventive and protective measures against established standards. Ligtas is accredited and monitored under BAFE SP205-1 Life Safety Risk Assessment to ensure high work standards. Ligtas uses the recommended PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment process standards to identify fire hazards, sources of ignition, oxygen, and fuel. It determines employees who are especially at the risk of falling victim to fire. On completion of the assessment, Ligtas provides compliance strategies which are then strictly followed by the clients. It also offers expertise in the application of Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR).

In the light of the pandemic, Ligtas is offering home-based consultancy services through desktops including 24/7 technical advice lines. With a 92 percent customer retention rate, Ligtas has mastered customer support services and will continue the same for years to come.
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Cardiff, UK

Shaun Ashmead, Managing Director

Ligtas Limited is a health, safety, and environmental consultancy service provider that helps construction companies stay compliant with safety regulations. It has UK-wide experts, working with clients as a trusted provider to help protect their employees and keep their brand reputation safe. Saving the client's time takes the worry out of health and safety. It doesn't follow trends and uses a customer-centered approach

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