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Ben Fox, Owner, President & CEO, Legacy Building SolutionsBen Fox, Owner, President & CEO
Managing the entire lifecycle of a construction project, from choosing high-quality building materials and partnering with the right builder to cost management, requires skilled and experienced leadership. While partnering with a builder, the client needs to ensure that the partner is experienced, delivers high-quality performance from day one as well as consistent quality output. Legacy Building Solutions solves these prevalent issues by providing a designated manager on behalf of its client to look after the entire project from the beginning to the completion and even post completion. Legacy Building Solutions is vastly experienced and specializes in manufacturing rigid steel frame based fabricated structures, installation of the same with consistency, and high-quality delivery. By following a stringent process for creating safer, higher-quality buildings, the company obliges to the customer’s objectives. A leading tension fabric structure manufacturer, the company knows the importance of a detail-oriented approach along with maximum efficiency.
How does Legacy Building Solutions cater to its client’s needs? They begin with an experienced team of designers that would take down the specifications of the client, after which the niche sales and marketing team would make specific recommendations to add efficiencies to the building, to lower the cost or construction time. Legacy Building Solutions also accepts pre-designed plans from the client’s end and forwards all projects to the in-house engineering team that is experienced in all aspects of fabric structures and regular consults. The team of engineers regularly consults with the construction crew, designers, and management leaders. By adhering to the International Building Code, its applicable supplements, the relevant state codes, and other applicable standards, the company keeps up with the regulatory system. The building designs move further in the process only after they are approved and stamped by an engineer licensed in the building’s jurisdiction.

Legacy Building Solutions has its very own 70,000 square-foot, climate-controlled facility for manufacturing components. The quality of raw materials is inspected, and an inventory is maintained to shorten lead times. Legacy’s unique nesting method of using the plasma table ensures minimal waste during the construction phase. Each welding gets examined by an AWS and CWB certified welding inspector. Legacy Building Solutions provides two types of installation consisting of tech rep, wherein one member of their team is present on the site with the local crew, and the other is a complete installation service using factory-trained staff. Upon the completion of the project, Legacy’s team will be available to answer any queries about the project. During all these phases, the construction manager ensures that everyone follows jobsite safety protocols and other guidelines, while acting as a communication medium between the client and the construction crew.
  • We are committed to making Legacy the clear destination for customers to experience the best of the fabric building industry

The construction project management services provide the client with the luxury of focusing on other priorities while Legacy Building Solutions handles the entire project until the post-completion stage. These services provided by Legacy Building Solutions could be an add-on to the budget, but the value added by the construction manager often decreases the budget as they take care of the negotiations and look for efficiencies in the project scoping. Apart from their construction management services, Legacy Building Solutions is also known for its manufacturing of rigid steel frames, which is used globally for construction purposes. “We are committed to making Legacy the clear destination for customers to experience the best of the fabric building industry,” says Ben Fox, owner, president and CEO of the company.
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