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Anthony Arnold, project manager, KWAME Building GroupAnthony Arnold, project manager
Whether it is building a shopping mall or a single-family residence, every construction project needs to be well thought out. In an ideal world, facility owners and every other stakeholder of a construction project always have a clear picture of their end goal. The designer and architects plan a perfect structure well within facility owners’ estimated budget, and the overall project remains free from any legal and financial complications from start to finish.

However, the reality is often far from being perfect. From sudden supply chain disruption to material shortage, there are many unexpected turns that a construction project has to go through before it gets completed. Interestingly, this is where experienced construction project management firms can assist facility owners in efficiently overseeing their projects. But, finding a qualified construction management firm is also not that stress-free, and has always been a key challenge for facility owners.

Enter KWAME Building Group—a premier construction management firm in the U.S. KWAME helps facility owners navigate the best way forward for their construction projects. “We are a pure construction management company that protects its clients’ interests in the areas of time, money, and risk,” underscores Anthony Arnold, project manager at KWAME.

So how does KWAME helps its clients keep their construction project on track from start to finish? The answer lies with the company’s team of certified value specialists, engineers, technical and contract staff that ensure the ultimate performance, reliability, aesthetics, and safety standards of any construction project.
The company partners with its clients right from the pre-design phase of construction projects to clearly define the overall scope of a project to prevent any sudden change or uncontrolled growth in the scope. KWAME also establishes reporting systems to measure project progress and evaluate subcontractor productivity. The company strictly monitors the data collected through these reporting systems and conducts regular on-site progress meetings with the project stakeholders and subcontractors on behalf of its clients Together, these attributes enable KWAME to make sure its clients receive a high-quality project on-time and stay well within their established budget. “We are always committed to maintaining our clients’ trust and confidence, no matter what challenges the project may present,” adds Arnold. To this end, KWAME stays flexible and nimble enough to adjust to any unforeseen situations.

Moreover, KWAME doesn’t hold any conflict of interest with clients’ subcontractors due to its status as a pure construction management firm. KWAME only acts as the eyes and ears of its clients. “We offer unbiased project leadership and advice, and this is our pride and joy; this is what we live for,” states Arnold. Notably, KWAME is currently assisting both government and non-government facility owners in different phases of their construction projects. From handling an end-to-end project to managing contracts between the stakeholders, KWAME has proven itself valuable in all the projects it has been part of.

At this juncture, the crucial role KWAME plays in its clients’ construction management can best be explained through a case study. Similar to many other KWAME clients, this particular facility owner also ran into cost overrun during one of their construction projects. On employing KWAME, its value counsel team was set out to assess the project details and determine the root cause of the problem. The team found it was a particular steel structure involved in the project that was driving the cost up. Based on the assessment, KWAME suggested the steel structure be redesigned according to a new drawing that could cut down the cost. The company also suggested an alternative way to erect the structure that would save the client some additional cost. All in all, this engagement helped the client bring their overall project budget within the specified limit.
  • We are a pure construction management company that protects its clients’ interests in the areas of time, money, and risk

This is but one of the many instances where KWAME helped its clients keep their project expenses in line with the budget while providing superior outcomes. Moving ahead along this path of efficaciousness, KWAME now plans to enhance its capabilities and offerings further and stretch its creativity to manage and execute projects in a safer manner. “As we propel ourselves into the future, our ultimate goal is to continue exceeding the expectations of our clients while embracing diversity at every step of the way,” concludes Arnold.
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