Intellihot: Offering Next-gen Tankless Water Heating Systems

Sridhar Deivasigamani, CEO, IntellihotSridhar Deivasigamani, CEO
For decades, people have used storage tanks to address all their water heating needs. Even though widely adopted, this conventional approach to water heating comes with its own set of cons. First, the water needs to be stored and heated continuously throughout the day, which results in energy wastage. Secondly, stagnant water in closed storage tanks leads to the growth of various bacterial bodies causing the Legionnaire’s disease. According to the CDC, Legionellosis has increased almost nine-fold since 2000. Apart from the excessive energy wastage and health risks associated with storage water tanks, commercial mechanical rooms are often challenged with enough space to accommodate tanked water heaters. As such, there is a growing need for an alternative way to help building owners and facility managers heat water cost-effectively and seamlessly.

Addressing this requirement is Intellihot, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial tankless water heaters, which is at the nexus of offering solutions that tie together energy-efficiency, health, and safety. The company offers tankless water heating systems that can heat water on-demand, reduce energy wastage, eliminate the need to store heated water, and reduce health risks. “Our systems are 40 percent more energy efficient than traditional heating methods. This helps our clients dramatically minimize the cost of water heating along with a 30 to 50 percent reduction in their upfront operational costs,” states Sridhar Deivasigamani, CEO, Intellihot.
Intellihot offers a series of water heating systems that fit commercial buildings of all sizes, including the iQ series, Neuron series, and the i-series. These devices have a cube-like structure with the capacity to power from a 20 units complex to senior living to a Las Vegas-style hotel. As they are extremely lightweight, there is no need for reinforced floors. Intellihot’s products have been carefully manufactured around designs originally conceived for liquid sodium water coolers in the nuclear industry, attributing them with resilience and durability. Their products are modular in design and connected via a patented masterless control system that eliminates single-point failures. Even if one of the heat engines shut down, the others will automatically regroup and continue to meet the water demands for unmatched uptime and reliability.

Each heat engine within the system comprises a single finned stainless coil designed to float freely. This handles rapid thermal cycles and allows the coil to easily expand or contract, helping heat water on-demand as many as times a day as necessary. Using its patented vibration and turbulent flow technology, the heat exchangers can easily self-descale, thus ensuring its longevity. Apart from these capabilities, Intellihot’s water heaters have a built-in cellular connection for cloud connectivity, allowing them to monitor and provide real-time information to clients about the device. The advanced analytics further allow the company to proactively make recommendations for repair or upgrade.
  • We can not only produce cleaner and safer water for use but also cut down the CO2 emission in the environment

This free remote monitoring feature called telliCare comes standard with every purchase. The telliCare app allows customers to have complete visibility into the functioning of the units, the amount of energy used and saved, and the peak flow rate consumption of heated water. Additionally, the company offers all its present and potential clients a sizing application that creates a virtual water heating system design for their respective facilities within minutes. This is particularly useful for commercial settings that have historically had tanked water heaters and are moving to their first tankless water heater.

With such a unique value proposition, Intellihot is focused on significantly cutting down the energy usage for water heating and decarbonize the way energy is used at present. The company is also working on technology to support electrification by introducing several products that will be electrically powered and cost-effective. “We can not only produce cleaner and safer water for use but also cut down the CO2 emission in the environment. We have the potential to significantly impact the climate change issue with our capacity of reducing 0.6 gigatons of CO2 emissions and offer a safer and economical approach to water heating,” concludes Deivasigamani.
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Galesburg, Illinois

Sridhar Deivasigamani, CEO

Intellihot's cutting-edge technology eliminates the need to store hundreds to thousands of gallons of hot water, heating only as needed. Assuring customers of the dependability and peace of mind they require to concentrate on other parts of their business. The products of Intellihot promote health and safety by reducing the risk of Legionella and other germs growing in stagnant water. ntellihot provides cutting-edge solutions to these water concerns and is leading the charge toward a more sustainable, affordable, safe, and reliable future. By integrating artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, Intellihot is poised to disrupt the HVAC business with hot water-as-a-service and transform the way water is supplied

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