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William Cowell de Gruchy, Founder and CEO, InfogridWilliam Cowell de Gruchy, Founder and CEO
As we reach the milestone of a year since the first lockdown, businesses and their employees are looking forward to returning to work safely as restrictions begin to ease. With this, the expectation for healthier workplaces is at an all-time high, especially in the wake of COVID-19. With the easing of lockdown restrictions, we will see many organizations reopen their workplaces over the coming months, many of them for the first time since the pandemic began. They will be looking for their offices, retail outlets, restaurants, warehouses, and factories to return to normality. However, in this return to normal, companies must understand that their workforce has reservations about returning to the workplace.

Enter Infogrid.

Founded in 2018, Infogrid is making the unfulfilled promise of scalable IoT a reality. Combining the world’s smartest IoT sensors with powerful AI, the Infogrid platform enables Facilities Managers and estate owners to optimize and automate their facilities and building management, saving time, money, and the environment, whilst improving safety. With Infogrid’s end-to-end system, it has never been easier to deliver a truly smart building.
“Unlike nearly every other industry that has been revolutionized by data, our buildings and facilities have not. This is largely due to the complexity of getting data from the physical world. Smart building tech until recently has been too expensive and too complicated to install and therefore it is not a viable or scaleable solution. With innovations in sensor technology and AI, it is now possible for Infogrid to install thousands of low-cost, hassle-free sensors with easy and start collecting data instantly,” says William Cowell de Gruchy, the Founder and CEO of Infogrid.

The Infogrid platform is the most diverse, in that it offers the broadest range of smart building use cases. To combat the challenges of traditional sensor technology, Infogrid was designed with simplicity in mind. Our end-to-end system uses the world’s smallest sensors to monitor your buildings in real time. Low-cost, zero-maintenance and wire-free, our range of sensors make IOT effortless to install, affordable and scaleable. Simplicity is also at the core of the platform, designed to scale across your entire estate with ease. Intuitive user interfaces, configurable alerts, one click reporting and an open API, will ensure you start to get value just minutes after installing the clients’ first sensor.

Recently, Infogrid raised $15.5 million (approx £11.5 million) Series A funding from a combination of UK and US investors. The round was led by Northzone with the participation of investors including JLL Spark, Concrete VC, The Venture Collective, and Jigsaw VC. The funding will be used to accelerate the company’s growth and its mission to address the world’s climate crisis by enabling businesses to reduce the environmental and social cost of their buildings while simultaneously benefitting their bottom line and asset values.

According to Infogrid, managers can make decisions to improve their ESG score and drive energy efficiency, reducing the CO2 output of buildings, which account for 39% of global emissions. Gruchy informs, “Until now, the lack of viable and scalable technology has meant that facilities management is one of the last industries to be enhanced by digitization, despite covering the world’s largest asset class.”Infogrid’s end-to-end smart building system finally arms organizations with insight to take control and take action. This new era of insight and automation will bring about a positive impact on the efficiencies of businesses, the wellbeing of employees, and the environmental footprint of buildings.
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London, UK

William Cowell de Gruchy, Founder and CEO

Infogrid provides end-to-end connected sensor solutions which make buildings smarter - quickly, affordably and securely. Sensors are small, unobtrusive and low-cost. Implementation takes minutes


"With innovations in sensor technology and AI, it is now possible for Infogrid to install thousands of low-cost, hassle-free sensors with easy and start collecting data instantly"

- William Cowell de Gruchy, Founder and CEO

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