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Axel Kruger, Founder, and CEO, ENGAxel Kruger, Founder, and CEO
Building Information Modeling or BIM is leading the digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Based on an intelligent model and enabled by a cloud platform, BIM creates a digital representation of an asset. This enables architects and engineers to design and construct better projects more efficiently. A leader in this space is ENG. The company is driven by the mission to reshape the construction industry by leveraging BIM technology. It has completed more than 4500 BIM Projects successfully and has become a trusted name in the BIM technology space across the U.S. More importantly, ENG participates in projects on a global scale—even at a time when the world is witnessing a disparity around the adoption of BIM.

Delivering a Comprehensive Portfolio of Capabilities

With its tools and technologies pertaining to BIM management, spatial coordination, laser scanning, scan modeling, and much more, ENG enables architects and contractors to be more efficient. The company has built numerous plugins and standalone automation tools to deliver better project outcomes for clients. Its BIM Services include MEP BIM Modeling, Architectural & Structural BIM Modeling, Framing Prefab BIM Modeling, BIM Software Development, and the list goes on.

On the MEP Modeling, Coordination and Digital Fabrication side, ENG takes the full scope and ownership of the Model-Coordination process on the Trade Contractor’s behalf, acts as an extension of their BIM in-house team to enhance its capacity, and helps them take the leap to prefab. The company also builds BIM content with a deep understanding of what these AEC firms want as experience when using it within their projects.
In addition, ENG’s ‘Geeks Gang team’ acts as the clients’ fulltime Innovation department. “We talk the talk, we live and breathe construction, we understand your problems, and help you solve them,” states Axel Kruger, Founder and CEO, ENG.

What Kruger mentions is truly substantiated by ENG’s teams of engineers and field detailers who have a long standing experience and expertise in all trades: mechanical [sheet metal and piping], plumbing, electrical and fire protection. The company undertakes a rigorous talent acquisition and onboarding process to find the top talents and house the right mix of engineering, technology, and software experts. Being one of the best BIM modelers, ENG understands the buildings to chalk out how it should be constructed, how the systems will work, and what tools they need to utilize. Kruger informs, “Our research and development team of 25 expert software developers carry out the entire process with their innovations.”

Toward Achieving BIM Perfection

A success story that Kruger shares best exemplifies ENG’s value proposition when it comes to innovation. The company collaborated with one of the largest datacenter owners worldwide to create BIM models of their new sites. One of the tasks, Modeling Network cables, was a time-consuming and expensive affair as each cable needs to be pre-cut and shipped at the right length to be effective. After understanding the client’s requirements, ENG developed a powerful automation tool that could automatically model thousands of cables in REVIT within a couple of days. This, in turn, allowed the client to have their designs ready to pre order material significantly faster.
  • We talk the talk, we live and breathe construction, we understand your problems, and help you solve them

Such instances of client success always drive ENG to be on the success track. In fact, even during the pandemic, the company attained new heights as it assisted many clients with its solutions, knowledge, and experience. During the lockdown, ENG harnessed the opportunities brought by the rising demand for modular constructions and prefabrication. The company played an instrumental role in building hospitals, data centers, pharmaceutical and semiconductor plants, which allowed them to navigate the COVID-19 situation and see a business growth of 30 percent in 2021.

Such unparalleled growth in the past year has inspired ENG to step into the New Year with more vigor and objectives. The company aims to maintain its growth with a target of up to 40 percent. Furthermore, ENG is also heavily investing in the R&D of automated solutions and powering up its teams by recruiting top experts. This will allow them to reshape the construction industry with digital transformation and add more value to their client’s business. “At the end of the day, we are focused on introducing numerous technologies into the construction industry, while creating more job opportunities for the best talents in the market,” concludes Kruger.
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Los Angeles, CA

Axel Kruger, Founder, and CEO

A global leader in Building Information Modeling Services. With more than 4500 BIM projects completed successfully and over 250 top-tier BIM experts on staff, ENG has become one of the largest and most experienced BIM services providers in the United States.

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