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Rob Charlton, CEO, BIM TechnologiesRob Charlton, CEO
The construction industry is a large sector which deals with different kinds of construction varying from residential, industrial, corporate and commercial to public infrastructure such as railways, airport and roads. To manage such kinds of unique project, it requires an expertise with organizations and a thorough body of knowledge. Hailing from UK as the leading Building Information Modelling consultancy agency, BIM. technologies has created quite a name for itself in the industry by using the latest model-based technology to solve complex problems in construction. The company works behind the scenes with some of the UK’s biggest clients, contractors and consultants. With a dedicated team of information managers, architects and construction professionals, BIM.Technologies provide strategic advice, drafts BIM protocols and implement software to streamline the construction process.

The company aims to reduce the risk, cost and time of a construction project by selecting the best tool for their clients. BIM.Technologies can greatly enhance capabilities for the review and the quality control of design information. It is capable of omitting disaggregated two-dimensional drawings by visual detection which can be resolved during project reviews. BIM.technologies is capable of working as per the UK Government standard, and thus provides a wide range of services to manage, validate and deliver Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) on a particular project.
The BIM team helps in developing BIM implementation strategy and coordination by taking a look at the value and relevance of BIM processes in a particular business. To ensure the partners are on the same page, BIM. technologies provides training about software along with BIM thinking and mindset.

BIM.technologies is further capable of handling design problems, be it aesthetic or analysis expression. With an RICS qualified digital survey team, BIM.Technologies can capture the site information by using laser scanning technology which can be converted into data for the project team to utilise. In addition to the mentioned capabilities, the company can also extract quantities and dynamically link cost data for materials, labour and hire costs into the Building Information Model which provides for a live budget of the project.
  • With a company like BIM. Technologies, you can be sure your role will be stretching the boundaries of innovation whilst working with people who are fantastically enthusiastic and passionate individuals

The construction tech company has done a number of projects such as transforming the King Cross London site into a digital estate. At present, the company is developing a BIM strategy to transform the 2012 Olympic stadium into a multipurpose venue. To bring in the transition, the team has produced a federated model using the existing information and will soon produce a final aspect. The role not only includes modelling but also comprises coordination, timelining and COBie management and production. The team is looking forward to work with the Huddersfield University who require a new building dedicated to Law School, School of Music and Humanities.

The company has recently hired Anthony Harte as the Information Manager joins the scenario with an experience of 18 years in the digitally designed space. On joining, Harte commented, “Digital Construction is here to stay and with a company like BIM.Technologies, you can be sure your role will be stretching the boundaries of innovation whilst working with people who are fantastically enthusiastic and passionate individuals.” With digital construction continuously evolving, BIM.technologies aim to remain leading Digital Construction Specialist in the UK under the expertise of Harte.
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BIM Technologies

London, UK

Rob Charlton, CEO

BIM Technologies delivers its robust BIM services to some of the UK’s top contractors, consultants, and private clients. As a premier BIM consultancy, it leverages advanced technology to create a centralized dataset, using critical business information to help customers in reaping the benefits. It combines innovation with the expertise of its diverse team to deliver strategic advice, draft BIM protocols, and execute project plans. It greatly enhances the design process, facilitating a reduction in waste, risk, time, errors, and a decrease in coordination issues. The workforce at BIM Technologies comprises architects, technologists, engineers, project managers, planners, BIM specialists, and programmers

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