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Stefano Di Giacomo, Founder & CEO, AlcotecStefano Di Giacomo, Founder & CEO
Often, ongoing construction projects are constrained, obstructed, or suspended due to unwarranted weather or economic conditions. The delays caused by such situations are highly taxing to those in charge, taking a toll on both their time and money, especially in large-scale commercial projects. A group of companies in Germany faced this very issue when they wanted to build offices and a production plant for a large enterprise, showcasing the need for practical project and construction management practices today. Working on a development worth over 500 million euros, the entire project was led by a multinational general contractor. The challenge they faced revolved around a fast-approaching structural works completion, which created specific workflow problems and Profit and Loss issues; for instance, the contractor working on civil finishing works required significant expert support. Upon realising such glaring issues, the general contractor reached out to Alcotec, one of Europe’s largest civil engineering corporations, which effortlessly manages construction projects across borders.

Alongside catering to the client’s technical department, Alcotec also helped improve the planning and overall quality management of activities on the site. The company was also contracted for its extensive project and construction management solutions and services, which helped streamline claims management, planning, and cost control processes. To monitor the physical progress of the site, Alcotec employed a team of professionals to work in conjunction with the engineering and procurement departments of the client. The construction and project management expert also computed new prices and analysed variances, thereby creating the basis for future claims. With such in-depth capabilities, Alcotec delivered on all the project’s necessities and helped the contractor, and the companies involved successfully meet their objectives within budget and on time.

The above example is just one use case for the many problems faced by hundreds of companies and civil authorities to avail robust project and construction management expertise. Fortunately, organisations such as Alcotec have been an active player in the field of construction for the past 21 years, skilled in handling the development of various building processes from the initial conception through to design and execution is unparalleled. The company also demonstrates its conformity to business-critical regulations such as UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015, and BS OHSAS 18001 certified, effectively serving as a leader in the commissioning of civil and industrial infrastructure.

Imbuing Technology with Experience

Alcotec leverages the latest in construction technologies like building information model (BIM) solutions in tandem with its comprehensive developments in design to deliver the most desirable results for its clients.
Focusing on construction management aspects like initial feasibility studies, analysis of objectives, and the many economic and time-sensitive variables and risks surrounding a project, Alcotec expertly tackles all anomalies in an integrated manner. This methodology brings together engineering and the interconnecting disciplines of construction to best manage and coordinate all specialist areas based on a project’s specifications in each phase. While allowing its team to comfortably navigate around the compliance of various activities in accordance with set objectives like costs, timing, and quality, Alcotec’s unique project management approach grants it the benefit to proactively identify any criticalities before or during construction.

The speed and accuracy with which Alcotec obtains results are unparalleled in the current European marketplace. The company’s impressive performance can be attributed to its openness and adaptiveness towards the latest technological advancements. In particular, the adoption of BIM-based methodologies helps the company perform with an observable characteristic. The virtualisation of a building in an environment allows all concerned parties to collaborate more efficiently; the project management expert leverages advanced software. “We are always at the forefront with new technologies in terms of design, construction, and corporate management. IT is a critical department in our company, creating software to manage the interface with existing software,” states Stefano Di Giacomo, founder and CEO of Alcotec.

The greatest change in the world of construction is linked to energy efficiencies

The various professional software products empower Alcotec’s experts to create high-quality buildings and infrastructure designs effectively, while a cutting-edge web-based construction project management (CPM) solution streamlines bidding, planning, execution, and cost estimation, among several other processes. Owing to the resourcefulness of these innovations, Alcotec can seamlessly manage all projects in an integrated manner during the design and construction phases. Clients are further empowered with services that cover BIM modelling, computing, and planning as well.

A Spirited Corporate Culture

Over its many years of operation, the company has matured into an immaculate subject-matter expert in project and construction management that pays immense attention to nuanced details like cost, time, and quality. “Our corporate structure is characterised by a strong technical engineering background that has been developed through my own personal experience of over 35 years,” expresses Stefano. With a strong conviction to deepen the methods of existing project management, Stefano looks back on the past two decades with immense pride and only shows the desire to continuously push forward. This passion drives the culture at Alcotec, allowing its large team of incredibly competent engineers and architects to perform their level best anywhere, any time. The organisation’s ethos bolsters its employees’ competence and helps display a trustworthy level of transparency and partnership with clients. Each of Alcotec’s employees maintains several years of experience in construction and are project management professionals (PMP) certified engineers. This merit alone enables the company to deliver on the market’s varying demands effectively. “We have been empowered to manage a project’s entire life cycle with the highest performance and quality guaranteed for our customers,” says Stefano.
Before undertaking the massive responsibilities of a construction project, Alcotec’s team invests a significant amount of time and resources to understand a client’s needs and expectations thoroughly. And these include a string of several important details like strategy development and the client’s level of adaptability to change a course of action in the event of unwarranted situations. Alcotec takes the burden off a client’s shoulders by anticipating such potential scenarios right from the project’s inception and simulates a stress test to verify critical issues, effectively mitigating any risks. In addition to its extensive project and construction management competencies, the company also excels at providing high surveillance, construction supervision, and technical direction services. Stefano and his team empower clients to better regulate activities on their sites while supporting structural and plant operational works. Collectively, Alcotec stands tall as a resourceful engineering entity.

The Future of Construction

“The greatest change in the world of construction is linked to energy efficiencies,” expresses Stefano, emphasising the adoption and execution of energy-efficient practices – one of Stefano’s most significant goals. Alcotec strives to achieve the same by using new compatible materials, locally sourced resources and the development of technologies used in facilities like air conditioners and other electrical appliances to minimise energy consumption wherever possible.

Concerning the pandemic, the demand for project management services spiked considerably over the past year, with businesses all over the world in dire need of assistance. The construction sector also faced the brunt end of the stick as several rules, and lockdown protocols were imposed. However, Alcotec remained unscathed. Viewing the new laws as another set of regulations to be followed, Stefano is confidently leading his people through these difficult times to carry out the commitments made to Alcotec’s clients safely and without any excuses. “The continuous evolution of human sociality is reflected in the world of construction and this determines changes in lifestyles, times, and the consequent adjustments of everything that surrounds man,” posits Stefano.
  • Alcotec is always at the forefront with new technologies in terms of design, construction, and corporate management

And thus, pushing forward with unbridled enthusiasm, the CEO expects to continuously deliver the best project and construction management solutions and services to the government of Italy and various commercial clients. To that end, Alcotec has built and maintains a client base of some of the most prominent healthcare, hospitality, and corporate institutions from across the globe, and each of these entities stands testament to the robust competencies that the company offers the marketplace today.
- By Michael Rosario
    July 08, 2021
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Rome, Italy

Stefano Di Giacomo, Founder & CEO

Alcotec is an Engineering Company certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015, and BS OHSAS 18001, founded in 2000 to manage and develop the construction process of civil, industrial, and infrastructure buildings by the study of initial feasibility for turnkey construction, by its staff of over 150 qualified internal resources. Over its many years of operation, the company has matured into an immaculate subject-matter expert in project and construction management that pays immense attention to nuanced details like cost, time, and quality


"The greatest change in the world of construction is linked to energy efficiencies"

- Stefano Di Giacomo, Founder & CEO

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