Safety in the Construction Industry: Equipment and Practices
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Resolving and upgrading worker safety at construction site gains momentum with rapid technological advancement and better capabilities. FREMONT, CA: Optimizing safety for workers in the construction industry has always been the priority. With...

Is Big Data the Top Trending Thing in Construction?
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FREMONT, CA: As per reports, the world’s data volume will rise at approximately  40% per year and will continue to intensify fifty times from the current amount by the year 2020. In the construction industry, big data refers to the mass...

Integrating Technologies for Enhanced Geospatial Services
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Digital transformation is at the core of many innovative technology solutions, which have helped organizations to improve their efficiency and productivity to a large extent. The geospatial technology has helped many industries to add accuracy to...

Modern Factory Integration
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Christopher Murphy, VP of Software and Controls Engineering, Jervis B. Webb Company Innovation

Modern control systems strive to achieve more complex goals than ever. Production systems aim for higher levels of production diversity, product quality, traceability, and visibility. Producers want to produce customized product on a single...
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