Cloud - A Thoughtful Journey - Alaska Airlines Journey To Cloud Computing
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Bob Peterson, Enterprise Architect, Alaska Airlines

Who We Are: Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest U.S. airline based on passenger traffic and is one of the most popular U.S. West Coast air carriers. For the 11th year in a row, Alaska Airlines is proud to be recognized as the highest ranked...

Construction Accounting through Software Solutions
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Cloud-based construction accounting software is overrun with tools and features that make tracking and managing of finances and budget overtly efficient. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry today uses a range of software solutions to improve...

Raken Launches Upgraded Toolbox Talks to Promote Worksite Safety
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The updated feature of Toolbox Talks will streamline the scheduling of safety talks, enabling superintendents and safety managers to focus on the safety of the workers rather than the paperwork. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry is one of...

Facing A 2-Fold Challenge In Construction Sector
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Sam Lamonica, VP & CIO, Rosendin Electric

Big challenge in construction sector For many years, a good many of the construction sector’s technology needs were served by a number of Tier 2 players. But in the last 4-5 years the construction industry has wholeheartedly and...

Construction Industry Continues to Underspend in Technology
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Isaac Sacolick, CIO, McGraw Hill Construction

Two years ago, I reported that the construction industry was dead last in IT spend compared to 14 other industries, as reported by Gartner Research. Now, Gartner has broadened the construction industry category to include materials and natural...

The Role of Technology in Manufacturing
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Dennis Hodges, CIO, Inteva Products

Ah–technology! That word sends some scurrying and others start salivating. We are all impacted on a personal level by technology. But, start putting the word with “and manufacturing” and there’s often less current impact....

The CIO Journey: From Behind the Scenes to Trusted Advisor
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Craig Oppermann, CIO, Flatiron Construction

Cloud computing is transforming the construction sector, how have you embraced it? It’s easy for our customers and the public to see our work because there is visible activity: heavy equipment moving, workers onsite, concrete being...

Lessons Learned in 30 Day Trials of IT Services
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Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist and CIO, Encore Electric, Inc

Gartner defines “IT services” as the “application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations … access to information and business processes.” This makes sense to me as a purchaser of IT services over...

The Role of CIO in the Cloud-First World
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Yvonne Wassenaar, CIO, New Relic, Inc

You don’t really need a CIO in a “cloud-first company.” Or do you? A few years ago at my previous company, I was sitting in a conference room with several executives, debating the “death of the CIO” and the need to...

KMC Controls: Revolutionizing Building Automation with the KMC Commander
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Richard Newberry, CEO

KMC Controls offers best-in-class building automation technology solutions to create genius buildings and infrastructures. The company has perfectly amalgamated technology into their innovative solutions for system integrators, system...

NOVA Building IT: 5D BIM As a Service
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Felix Grau, President

NOVA Building IT is a Germany-based construction technology provider enabling the construction industry to take advantage of the cloud in automating manual processes. The company offers NOVA BIM 5D, the industry's first software as a service...

Sage: Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Management Software
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Steve Hare, CEO

Sage is a management software company that develops and markets accounting software for small & medium businesses. Sage was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in England, UK. Sage provides every sized organizations with a range of easy-to-use,...

TriBuild, Inc.: All-inclusive Solutions for Optimized Construction Workflows
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Patrick Bohle, Co-Founder & CEO

TriBuild creates integrated technology solutions that increase accuracy, reduce costs, boost productivity and optimize profitability for the global construction industry. It is a technology company focused on delivering a growing number of...

Viewpath: Eliminating the Chaos of Project Management
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Natalie Steck, President & CEO and Dennis Taylor Director, Sales & Marketing

Provides enterprise-grade project portfolio management, and resource planning solutions

Triskell Software: Bringing Agile and SaaS Together in PPM
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Angel Garcia, CEO

Provides a new platform using the most modern technology, with the clear advantage in pure SaaS solution and focus on usability, flexibility and performance

QuestCDN: Breathing New Life into the Bidding Process
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Bob Morgan, CEO

Offers a functional software platform application to automate bid process management and communication and delivering project bidding documents and information in a comprehensive digital format

PEX: Streamlining Workforce Spending through Feature-rich SaaS Platform and Prepaid Cards
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Toffer Grant, CEO

Provides secure SaaS solution with a suite of workforce spend management capabilities, advanced card controls, and real-time visibility into card usage

Manufacton: Driving Offsite Construction Benefits through Enhanced Visibility
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Jason Barber, VP - Industry Solutions & Strategy

Manufacton empowers construction firms to set up fabrication facilities by shipping volumetric modular pieces of the building to the job-site. Complementing this innovative approach to construction, Manufacton enables its clients to plan, track,...
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