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How IoT is Impacting the Construction Industry?
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An IoT safety approach for a construction business must concentrate not only on stopping infringement but also on rapid identification and recovery. FREMONT, CA: There are industries which take a while to find out how to integrate new...

Cyber Security of Control Systems: Ensuring the Operational in Operational Technology
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Gregory L. Garcia, Deputy CIO/G6, HQ Department of Army

Not bad for a Friday Morning For many of us, our cyber key performance indicators are filled with detailed analysis of key information technology (IT) metrics on capabilities, processes, and personnel. Though not perfect, many of us are feeling...

AI for Safety and Efficiency in Manufacturing
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Companies understand the potential of current technologies to deal with not only safety issues but also their ability to make the work processes more efficient. FREMONT, CA: Construction has always been a risk-prone industry. The heavy...

How Predictive Data Is Revolutionizing Preconstruction Planning
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The construction sector is becoming data oriented. Data has become integral, and most of the decisions are taken based on data analysis. Technological advancements have enabled this data boom, and construction companies now have access to vast...

Are Construction and Equipment Rental Finance Professionals Lagging Behind on Technology?
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FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has lagged in adopting the latest technologies. But with the entrepreneurs focusing on the opportunities in the industry, the trend is changing. The proliferation of mobile devices, affordable cloud solution...

How Are the New Technologies Assisting Construction Finance Professionals?
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The construction industry has been the slowest one to adopt new technology, but that’s all changing as entrepreneurs are turning their attention to the needs of the workforce. The ubiquity of modern technologies like IoT, cloud computing, 5G...

Risk Management Partners, Inc.: Upholding Safety Above All
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Lee Lyner, VP of Operations

RMP’s range of services is specifically aimed at enhancing safety in the construction sites for workers. Besides developing procedures and providing resources for rescue operations for confined spaces, Heat Illness Prevention Program, and...

Autodesk Construction Cloud Starts A New Connected Era
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Jim Lynch, Vice President & General Manager

Autodesk has unveiled Autodesk Construction Cloud, which will empower the construction industry to enhance collaboration, minimize risk and increase proficiency. FREMONT, CA: Recently, at Connect & Construct Summit, Autodesk Inc.,...
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