CIOs Define the Pace of Disruption
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Kevin Glynn, CIO, DSC Logistics

As CIOs, we generally control the pace of new technology introduction within our organizations. This can be confusing to our users and colleagues who read about consumer IT innovation and may struggle to understand how consumer trends can...

Innovating Intelligently
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Joe Iannello, VP & CIO, Capital Metro

Regardless of what business you are in, whether you work in the private or public sector—if you are selling or providing a product or service to your customers—then innovation is a critical success factor in gaining and retaining...

4 Factors that Bolster the Winning Probability of Construction Start-ups
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Concentrating on certain factors can help the construction start-ups to reach great heights while those that don’t adopt this end up in failure. Fremont, CA: Construction industry has lots of potential for growth, but still start-ups are...

7 Ways a Construction CIO Can Improve Efficiency
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Modern technologies will shape the future of construction by offering a safer and efficient project management. FREMONT, CA: Firms all around the world are struggling to find new ways to adapt and compete for innovation in construction...

5 Technologies that will change the face of the Construction Industry
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The construction industry is proliferating at a pace never known before. Technologies had a significant impact on the methods and systems for constructing all types of projects.  FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has always faced...

Construction Accounting through Software Solutions
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Cloud-based construction accounting software is overrun with tools and features that make tracking and managing of finances and budget overtly efficient. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry today uses a range of software solutions to improve...

Procore Aims to Enhance Project Management with the Acquisition of Honest Buildings
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Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO

The acquisition will help Procore to construct the first full-stack project management platform from the initial to the final stage of the construction lifecycle. FREMONT, CA: Procore Technologies, a primary construction management software...

How Does an Agile Approach Translate into Agility in Project Management Practice?
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Mark Welsh, Digital Transformation Program Lead, Bunnings Group Ltd

Agile and agility have now become common place terms we hear on a daily basis. Once solely in the realm of software developers but now so “normal” that we hear even sports people and politicians regularly mention it. However, what does...

Project Management and the role of the Project Manager in an Agile World
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Craig Lauchlan, General Manager, Customer Experience Transformation, AGL Energy

It is 9:20 am on a Monday morning and I have just partic­ipated in the daily stand-up for a major digital channel initiative that we are delivering to market in two months’ time. The Release Train Engineer ran the stand-up, which...

The Key to Project Success
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Rolondo Talbott, Director, Project Management Office (ITS), Pomona College

As Project Management Professionals, we have a wide array of metrics that help us manage all aspects of a Project – from ideation to completion. These metrics help us anticipate changes in scope, analyze, and mitigate risk and plan out...

Project Management Success - 6 Key Enablers
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Douglas Duncan, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group

A man, a plan, a canal. Panama. A great palindrome; and building the Panama Canal was a great project. Jungles, swamps, mountains, malaria, yellow fever, political and social unrest...all part of a centuries-long dream to connect the Pacific to...

Defining a Vision for Project Success
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Laura K. Furgione, PMP, Chief Office of Program Performance and Stakeholder Integration, U.S. Census Bureau

Today’s environment requires project manager’s to juggle a diversity of challenges from require­ments engineering to stakeholder integration, from enterprise risk management to team composition, all while keeping the final product...

Technology Developments and Transformations in Project Management
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Rakhi Seth-Forrest, Manager, Process Operations & Consumer Fraud, HBO

Rapidly evolving developments in technology are impacting the landscape of project management, prompting transformations. Business leaders will need to harness new technology in order to revolutionize the way that project teams think and work, in...

Managing IT Budgets to help foster Innovation
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Subbu Murthy, CIO, Howard Building Corporation

The role of the CIO is multi-faceted. To the business, the CIO is the bridge to technology. To marketing, the CIO is the innovator that drives new sources of revenues. To finance, CIO is the enabler of organization’s efficiency. Independent...

Project Management Gets a New Lease of Life with Two New Roll Outs from Mindjet
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Mindjet proclaims the release of MindManager 2016 for Windows and MindManager Enterprise 2016 that delivers mind mapping software for business planning and project management. The recent release offers features such as...

Enhanced Free Structured Project Management Template for SharePoint 2013
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FREMONT, CA: BrightWork, a provider of a combination of project management templates and SharePoint reporting infrastructure has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of free resources through the release of the free Structured template...

Digitalization of the Construction Industry
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Sameer Purao, CIO, Austin Industries

Construction is a $10 trillion global industry, but it’s plagued by paper based inefficient processes and low productivity. Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80...

Digital Transformation for Construction Project Management
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An uninterrupted flow of data and communication at every stage of a construction project is necessary for successful management of the projects. Today, handling projects with the adoption of information technology enable effective communication...

Enabling Smart Options in Project Management
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While advancements through technology-driven applications have made businesses run efficiently, the project management keeps changing conceivably. Within last 20 to 30 years, evolution in the latest software technologies, hardware, and sensor...

Fletcher Consulting: Mitigating Risk through Effective Project Leadership
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Mark Fletcher, CEO

Provides construction project and program management services to optimally plan and deliver projects in expected quality and standards without compromising on cost and time
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