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How the C-Suite can use the Benefits Provided by Connected Networks
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The C-suite may not care about the smart buildings, but they are interested in the benefits that the smart buildings provide. By using the power of the connected networks, the facility managers can increase the efficiency and productivity of their...

Can HVAC Industry Overcome its Challenges in 2020?
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Apart from the beneficial attributes, there are a few challenges that the HVAC industry has been facing today. FREMONT, CA: The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry has been under fluctuating conditions with technology...

4 Ways in which HVAC Technology will Evolve in 2020
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The evolution of HVAC technology will not only enable seamless control of temperature in large structures, but will also promote sustainability. FREMONT, CA: The technological developments in the last few years have spurred the evolution...

How is IoT Transforming the Construction Sector?
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The integration of IoT technology will empower the construction sector to shed the archaic processes and achieve significant productivity gains. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry dates back to the coliseums of Rome and the pyramids of...

The Necessary Shift Required for Low Carbon Value Chain
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Jim Donaldson, Director of Innovation, Hitachi Ltd. [TYO:6501]

Those of us who work in technology should remember this and avoid the temptation to declare that our latest AI / IoT / blockchain platforms are sufficient to bring the breakthrough required to transition society to a more efficient, sustainable...

Proptech Brings Traditional Real Estate into the Digital Age
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Aftab Taylor, Chief Information Officer, EMEA, JLL

Over the past decade, technology platforms have transformed all aspects of our life from careers, health and finance to leisure and social networking. In comparison to the financial sector’s booming fintech market, the real estate industry...

How IoT is Impacting the Construction Industry?
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An IoT safety approach for a construction business must concentrate not only on stopping infringement but also on rapid identification and recovery. FREMONT, CA: There are industries which take a while to find out how to integrate new...

How Are HVAC Systems And Smart Building Related?
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The use of smart building technology to HVAC systems has vast potential in construction companies. IoT and other technologies can help in achieving the present and future energy goals by providing the required tools to perform the tasks. ...

How do IoT-driven construction sites gain efficiency and save money?
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If you work for the construction sector, facilities management, hospitality, or retail industry, it's time to shuffle up and adopt IoT technology, about its advantages and efficiencies that help the industry to gain success. FREMONT, CA:...

What Makes Enterprises Opt for Industry 4.0?
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Advanced technologies help the construction sector to modify their current practices and adopt new strategies that help them in the future. FREMONT, CA: Construction Industry, today, is powered by the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and...

Telematics and IoT: The Game Changers for Equipment Technology
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The amazing combination of telematics and IoT has enhanced the vehicles' potential to communicate with other devices. Let's see how. FREMONT, CA: We are living in an era where every other day, scientists are coming up with new...

Enterprise AI: How to Meet the Challenges
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Dr. Anand S. Rao, Global AI Leader, PwC

As artificial intelligence (AI) moves from consumer to business uses, companies will face significant challenges. Here are some guidelines for adopting AI technology in your company. Over the past several years, AI has moved from a research...

Technologies leading to Innovation in the Construction Industry
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Navigating through the technological advancements in the construction industry, some trends certainly bring about positive transformation in this landscape. Fremont, CA:  As firms are looking for new ways to stay ahead of their...

4 Construction Trends to Remain Competitive in the Market
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Construction companies are finding ways to integrate innovative approaches with their strategy and workflows to remain competitive and relevant. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry is under a significant paradigm shift. The most current...

IoT-Enabled Green Buildings are the Future
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Technological advancements such as inexpensive sensors, affordable and miniaturized electronics, pervasive connectivity, and low data storage and computing costs are enabling the realization of green buildings. FREMONT, CA: Green buildings are...

The Internet of Things and its Immense Value to the Construction Industry
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The list of potential applications of IoT in the construction industry can be extensive. Here are a few crucial ones.     FREMONT, CA: The possibilities that come with being able to connect devices to the internet are numerous....

The Impact of Blockchain on the Construction Industry
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While more blockchain capabilities are rolled out, it is only a matter of time before this impressive technology delivers the project efficiencies that are guaranteed FREMONT, CA: The construction sector has often been used to kick-start the...

An Overview of Integrating Building Technologies for Real-Time Benefits
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The building technology landscape is continually evolving. Every innovation promises excellent benefits, saving cash, saving time, reducing rework, and fulfilling dreams. FREMONT, CA: The construction sector is at the cusp of a revolution as...

Internet of Things: Making Commercial Buildings Smarter
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IoT solutions for smart buildings enable residents to connect and automate home operations with technology and energy systems to transform the way they manage their facility FREMONT, CA: IoT is reimagining every aspect of a building, from...

Use of Technology for Smart Buildings
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The emergence of IoT and the growing demand for intelligent technology contribute significantly to the ever-increasing threats in the operational technology space. FREMONT, CA: Buildings are quickly embracing digitization, and while the...
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