5 Principles to Help Navigate the Rapidly Changing Construction Tech Landscape
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Ryan Hale, CIO and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Lithko Contracting, Inc.

The technology landscape of the construction industry is changing and changing quickly. This rapid change is happening in a 1.1 trillion-dollar industry that has historically been viewed as a late-adopter of technology. Moreover, the Financial...

Construction Industry Continues to Underspend in Technology
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Isaac Sacolick, CIO, McGraw Hill Construction

Two years ago, I reported that the construction industry was dead last in IT spend compared to 14 other industries, as reported by Gartner Research. Now, Gartner has broadened the construction industry category to include materials and natural...

The Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry
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Paul Doherty, President and CEO, The Digit Group

Being a licensed architect (a real one, not a software architect) and a builder that owns a real estate development company, I am always looking for ways to improve my company’s efficiency and effectiveness.  The sooner I can hand over...

Data Security KPI's have become a Benchmark in Measuring Compliance Effectiveness
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Key performance indicators (KPI) are a quantifiable metric that measures how much a company is achieving its key objectives. With the advent of information technology, companies rely more on data today. The data analysis helps a company to achieve...

Verticals that Demand New Technology in Construction Finance Professionals
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Construction industry lags behind other industries in adopting new technologies. However, software entrepreneurs are focusing on creating a deskless workforce. The omnipresence of mobile devices, 5G, cheap and powerful cloud computing, and the...

Moody's Analytics Adds Stress Testing and Interest Rate Risk Models
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NEW YORK, NY: Moody’s Analytics, a provider of risk measurement and management has announced the release of the RiskFrontier 4.0 software, the latest version of its award-winning portfolio management and economic capital solution for banks,...
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