Defining a Vision for Project Success
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Laura K. Furgione, PMP, Chief Office of Program Performance and Stakeholder Integration, U.S. Census Bureau

Today’s environment requires project manager’s to juggle a diversity of challenges from require­ments engineering to stakeholder integration, from enterprise risk management to team composition, all while keeping the final product...

Adopting the Adoption Curve in Construction
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Jeff Adams, President and CEO, Redland Brick

The construction industry is not unlike any other when it comes to technology. We are all victim to the adoption curve in one way or another. The real challenge is finding ways to shorten or match the adoption curve in the interest of more sales,...

Constructing a Virtual Cyberspace World
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Brian E Skimmons, PMP, VP, Communications Infrastructure Discipline Manager, KCI Communications Infrastructure

Many of today’s IT discussions and conversations invariably use the words: virtual (not having physical form), cyber (computers and virtuality), pipes (bandwidth), and/or cloud (not bounded by physical limits). These are just a few of the...

Top 5 Technology Trends in the Construction and Engineering Industry
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Bill Kloster, CIO, SEH

Construction firms are looking to technology to solve client needs that require new approaches as competition becomes fierce in their expanding and transforming marketplace. The increasing trend of individuals migrating to megacities will require...

Construction Industry Continues to Underspend in Technology
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Isaac Sacolick, CIO, McGraw Hill Construction

Two years ago, I reported that the construction industry was dead last in IT spend compared to 14 other industries, as reported by Gartner Research. Now, Gartner has broadened the construction industry category to include materials and natural...

Redefining Construction Engineering with 3D Scanning
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The construction industry is witnessing a sea change with digital transformation that will dramatically improve the quality of services provided to a client. Among those, 3D scanning technology is considered having tremendous applications. Reverse...

Embracing Change for IT in the Construction Sector
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Jason R. Kasch, CIO, Structural Group

The need to get our hands around data sprawl has proliferated itself more so recently than at any time in the past. Numerous trade magazines I have read, analysts I have talked to, and CIO events I have attended over the past 5 years, have tried...

The Role of Technology in Manufacturing
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Dennis Hodges, CIO, Inteva Products

Ah–technology! That word sends some scurrying and others start salivating. We are all impacted on a personal level by technology. But, start putting the word with “and manufacturing” and there’s often less current impact....

Diversity and Inclusion Can Drive Better Solutions for Clients and Employee Engagement
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Linda K. Lannen, CIO & Sr. VP, Kleinfelder

As a technology executive in the Engineering/ Construction industry, I live in two worlds challenged by a lack of diversity and inclusion. There are many parallels in not only the industries, but in the way, we can apply solutions for these issues...

Digitalization of the Construction Industry
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Sameer Purao, CIO, Austin Industries

Construction is a $10 trillion global industry, but it’s plagued by paper based inefficient processes and low productivity. Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80...

Responsible Engineering and the Internet of Things
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Vinton G. Cerf, VP & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

We are anticipating an avalanche of programmable, networked devices as the rest of this decade unfolds. It is common for this so-called "Internet of Things" to associate a mobile app with the device that allows it to be controlled or...

Bricsys: A Step ahead in CAD Technology
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Erik De Keyser, CEO

A global provider of .dwg-based design software powering 2D drafting, 3D modeling, sheet metal design, and BIM workflows
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