Defining Attributes of Construction Project Managers
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Construction project management is a demanding job, requiring extraordinary skills and utmost dedication. The construction project manager is expected to be at the site of construction and supervise the work, while keeping track of quality,...

New Age Technologies for Construction Industry
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Rising industrial, commercial and residential growth is driving demand for faster construction and best in class quality. This has made it integral to use advanced construction technologies to meet this increasing demand. Technological...

Adopting the Adoption Curve in Construction
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Jeff Adams, President and CEO, Redland Brick

The construction industry is not unlike any other when it comes to technology. We are all victim to the adoption curve in one way or another. The real challenge is finding ways to shorten or match the adoption curve in the interest of more sales,...

Technology-Enabled Construction: Will there be Real Gains in Labor Productivity?
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Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist & CIO, Encore Electric

I read with interest the recent announcement of Chinese firm WinSun that 3D printed a large home and a 6 story apartment building in Suzhou Industrial Park in Eastern China. 3D printing—also known as additive manufacturing—was...

Partnering Technology with a Successful Construction Company
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Jason Burns, VP & CIO, Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Cloud Computing is Constantly Evolving The move to cloud computing has been an ongoing change for the last decade. IT departments used to put in hard lines, servers, and stand-alone phone systems in construction trailers. We used to have large...

Building Information Modeling and its Impact on Future Construction Project Success
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Christopher Kramer, CIO, Brasfield & Gorrie

The construction industry is steadily embracing new technologies as a means to ensure continued delivery of successful projects to our clients. Historically, our industry has lagged behind others in innovation and in the adoption of new technology...

No Industry more Important than Construction, No Role more Important than CIO
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Jeff Brzycki, CIO, Autodesk

It is a bold title I know, and one your colleagues will probably scoff at—but hear me out. The construction industry sustains residential, social, and economic infrastructure all over the world. Without the construction industry, you would...

5 Principles to Help Navigate the Rapidly Changing Construction Tech Landscape
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Ryan Hale, CIO and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Lithko Contracting, Inc.

The technology landscape of the construction industry is changing and changing quickly. This rapid change is happening in a 1.1 trillion-dollar industry that has historically been viewed as a late-adopter of technology. Moreover, the Financial...

Top 5 Technology Trends in the Construction and Engineering Industry
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Bill Kloster, CIO, SEH

Construction firms are looking to technology to solve client needs that require new approaches as competition becomes fierce in their expanding and transforming marketplace. The increasing trend of individuals migrating to megacities will require...

The Cloud Age of Aquarius in Construction
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Blaine Crawford, Director, Information Technology, C.W. Driver

The construction industry has fundamentally changed in the last decade and this is a self-evident truth. While some areas of the country are faring better than others, and niche market players seem to be more dominant than ever, the overall trend...

Technology Transforms Construction Management for Sound Growth
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Eric Foster, VP Tech, Maxwell Systems

Technology is being adopted by construction companies at an accelerated pace, as contractors come out of the recession with pent-up demand, limited resources, increased competition, and tight profit margins. Those contractors with an...

Collaboration, Infomobility and The Future of Construction
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Carol Hagen, President, Hagen Business Systems

It’s been said that to get everyone on the same page you need a work space that embodies the lowest common denominator. In construction that tends to be the smallest subcontractor or supplier on a project, but as technology becomes pervasive...

Driving Change: How Mobile Time and Production Entry are Revolutionizing the Construction Industry
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Frank Ziccarelli, IT Director, TDIndustries

How does a multi-million dollar construction company, with more than 2,200 employees deployed on large, complex construction projects across the Southwestern U.S., track and record the work budgeted for each project? From plumbers to pipefitters...

Five Major Bottleneck on Your Construction Project
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Taylor Ryan, Head of Marketing, GenieBelt

As a project manager, you need to ensure that the construction project at hand is successful. As you manage the ongoing project, there are employees under your watch to ensure completion in the set timelines without affecting the quality at any...

Construction Industry Continues to Underspend in Technology
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Isaac Sacolick, CIO, McGraw Hill Construction

Two years ago, I reported that the construction industry was dead last in IT spend compared to 14 other industries, as reported by Gartner Research. Now, Gartner has broadened the construction industry category to include materials and natural...

Role of Technology in 21st Century Construction
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Jason T. Burns, VP & CIO, Hunter Roberts Construction Group

When people think about construction, they envision a process that is dominated by physical labor and large machines with the goal of erecting buildings and infrastructure while using very little technology. This vision remains popular as the...

The Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry
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Paul Doherty, President and CEO, The Digit Group

Being a licensed architect (a real one, not a software architect) and a builder that owns a real estate development company, I am always looking for ways to improve my company’s efficiency and effectiveness.  The sooner I can hand over...

6 Technology Adaptation Lessons in Construction
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Jeff Cann, CIO & Chief Strategist, Encore Electric

As the construction industry continues to recover from the Great Recession, CFMA identified four "Industry Mega Trends" that could impact the entire industry. Two of these 4 trends impact the use of technology in construction. Mega Trend...

Better Construction Management with These Imperatives
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Today, many construction companies are unable to decide which technology can help exactly in managing the projects. A construction firm can manage projects by implementing the following three core construction technologies.  Cloud...

Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry
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Nearly every aspect of design and engineering has been pierced by digitalization, but in many ways, the physical construction itself has remained a persistently analog process. Many new technologies have emerged, such as smart wearables and...
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