What is the Role of Aluminum in the Construction Sector
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Aluminum has become one of the preferred choices for the builders due to its sustainable nature and property of being reused. The contractors are using different aluminum applications to implement in the construction industry. FREMONT, CA:...

Top 3 Trends in Construction to Enhance Safety Measures
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Adopting the right technology and taking complete advantage will help construction platforms overcome the challenges faced by the industry at present. FREMONT, CA: Construction platform has been one of the slowest industries to adopt the...

Can Modular Construction and Prefabrication Bring the New Construction Epoch?
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Prefabrication has been appreciated for its numerous benefits, such as superior quality outcomes, cost-effectiveness, fast and better site security, reduced environmental impact, and lessening labor shortage problems. FREMONT, CA: The much-used...

Does Modular Construction Add Efficiency into Technology?
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Modular buildings are way stronger than the structures that are built on-site as individual modules are engineered to endure the adversities of transportation and other foundations autonomously. FREMONT, CA: Technology is essential to all...

4 Ways to Ensure the Safety of Construction Workers
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Create safer construction sites as they are prone to hazards and can be dangerous at times for workers. FREMONT, CA: An increased number of construction workers were killed in highway construction zones as per the report from the Federal...

Can Technologies Help in Protecting Construction Workers?
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The protection of employees is the prime focus of every firm, and keeping that in mind, innovations are being introduced continuously in the marketplace to improve the safety measures. FREMONT, CA: According to different statistics, one out of...

What Practices Do CIOs Support to Ensure an Injury-Free Jobsite?
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Companies should focus on boosting their reputation by treating their employees at the job site with the utmost concern for safety. FREMONT, CA: Among the hazardous industries falls the construction industry as the second most fatal work sector...

Can Exoskeletons be Considered as the Beginning of the Iron-Man Era?
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Exoskeletons, wearable robots, or exosuits are steadily making their way into the construction industry’s mainstream. The technology has helped in making the construction site a much safer and more efficient place to work. FREMONT, CA: A...

Gaming Apps Makes Recruitment of Construction Workers More Easy
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Introducing gamification in the construction industry makes the recruitment process easier while educating the workers to work effectively, ensuring safety. Fremont, CA: Kids and adults nowadays are engrossed in mobile games as some games offer...

5 Applications of Modular Structures to Prove its Versatility
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Modular structures are getting popular day by day. It has helped the construction industry create buildings in a short period and earn more revenue. There are many applications that prove how versatile modular construction technology can be....

The Countdown to Net Zero Carbon Buildings
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Brian Livingston, Global Head of Oaklins’ Building Materials, Oaklins Smith and Williamson

We look at trends related to three of the steps identified in the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. How can the construction and building materials sector utilize available technologies and techniques to meet the carbon neutral targets being...

Modular Construction: Can modular construction help solve our cities' affordable housing crisis?
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Marco A. Soriano, Chief Investment Officer, The Soriano Group

Modular Construction Today Most of the Departments of Housing Preservation and Development in the USA is hoping to know, or at the very least, start considering. New Trends to Lower Costs and Half the Time. Really? Alternatively...

Modular Construction in The Age of Smart Cities
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Paul Doherty, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow, President and CEO, The Digit Group, Inc. (TDG)

TDG (The Digit Group) is a Smart Cities Real Estate Development Company that is responsible for de­livering delightful and sustainable urban environ­ments that are contextualized for its surroundings throughout the world. A major challenge...

Customizing Modular Design with 3-D Reality Capture Scanning
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Mark Franklin, 3D Reality Capture Lead Account Manager, Kleinfelder

Modular construction offers many benefits, but traditionally customization hasn’t been one of them. Modules are typically delivered to the construction site and assembled, and hopefully, there won’t be any fit-up errors. But imagine...

Innovation Opportunities in Construction
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Jake Pepper, Vice President of Integrated Construction Services (ICS), Pepper Construction Group

The opportunity for innovation in construction is greater today than ever before. In December of 2015, McKinsey Global Institute issued a report titled “Digital America: A Tale of the Haves and Have-Mores.” It included the MGI Industry...

Advantages of Drones in a Construction Industry
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There are various applications for drones in the construction industry that will reduce the labor needs while increasing the technical prospects, such as managing or controlling UAV or drones in a construction site. FREMONT, CA: The...

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Construction Sector
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The incorporation of AI technology in the construction industry has facilitated better safety, higher efficiency, and lower downtime. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has not completely realized the potential of artificial...

How Can CIOs Leverage Big Data to Enhance Construction?
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The incorporation of big data technology is empowering the construction sector to extract power from data and bolster their capabilities. FREMONT, CA:  The construction industry, like all other sectors, is facing multiple challenges in...

4 Factors that Bolster the Winning Probability of Construction Start-ups
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Concentrating on certain factors can help the construction start-ups to reach great heights while those that don’t adopt this end up in failure. Fremont, CA: Construction industry has lots of potential for growth, but still start-ups are...

How AI can is Revolutionizing Construction Planning?
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AI helps contractors build smarter, cost-effective, and efficient infrastructures in this rapidly changing world.  FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic because of its impending abilities to transform how humans...
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