Partnering Technology with a Successful Construction Company
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Jason Burns, VP & CIO, Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Cloud Computing is Constantly Evolving The move to cloud computing has been an ongoing change for the last decade. IT departments used to put in hard lines, servers, and stand-alone phone systems in construction trailers. We used to have large...

5 Benefits Of Business Analytics For The Construction Business
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Construction companies are actively trying to thrive in the modern business environment. Their reliance on Business Analytics (BA) is getting more and more critical because the simplest construction plans can be very critical with a lot of effort...

Enhancing ROI with Data Visualization in BI and Analytics
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Boris Evelson, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Migrating Business Intelligence and Analytics Plat­form to Cloud It’s vital to understand that data visualization is not a separate market or platform–other than a few open source data visualization components often...

The Role of CIO in the Cloud-First World
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Yvonne Wassenaar, CIO, New Relic, Inc

You don’t really need a CIO in a “cloud-first company.” Or do you? A few years ago at my previous company, I was sitting in a conference room with several executives, debating the “death of the CIO” and the need to...

ePROMIS Solutions: Driving the Construction Project Success
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Mathews Mathew, CEO

Offers a complete set of integrated ERP solutions to enhance end-to-end processes in the construction industry

How Can Virtual Reality Help in the Real Estate Business?
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On a general note, virtual reality is associated with video games and for the entertainment for people. Nevertheless, the technology has great potential in the entire real estate industry along with various applications of it in the business...
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