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Top 3 Trends in Construction to Enhance Safety Measures
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Adopting the right technology and taking complete advantage will help construction platforms overcome the challenges faced by the industry at present. FREMONT, CA: Construction platform has been one of the slowest industries to adopt the...

Does Modular Construction Add Efficiency into Technology?
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Modular buildings are way stronger than the structures that are built on-site as individual modules are engineered to endure the adversities of transportation and other foundations autonomously. FREMONT, CA: Technology is essential to all...

Modular Construction in The Age of Smart Cities
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Paul Doherty, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow, President and CEO, The Digit Group, Inc. (TDG)

TDG (The Digit Group) is a Smart Cities Real Estate Development Company that is responsible for de­livering delightful and sustainable urban environ­ments that are contextualized for its surroundings throughout the world. A major challenge...

Customizing Modular Design with 3-D Reality Capture Scanning
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Mark Franklin, 3D Reality Capture Lead Account Manager, Kleinfelder

Modular construction offers many benefits, but traditionally customization hasn’t been one of them. Modules are typically delivered to the construction site and assembled, and hopefully, there won’t be any fit-up errors. But imagine...

Innovation Opportunities in Construction
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Jake Pepper, Vice President of Integrated Construction Services (ICS), Pepper Construction Group

The opportunity for innovation in construction is greater today than ever before. In December of 2015, McKinsey Global Institute issued a report titled “Digital America: A Tale of the Haves and Have-Mores.” It included the MGI Industry...

How Can Drones Work For The Construction Industry?
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Nearly every sector of the industry is utilizing every benefit of a drone, and the increasing commercial production of the technology has given rise to employment and revenue. FREMONT, CA: The industry is witnessing a fierce competition between...

How is IoT Transforming the Construction Sector?
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The integration of IoT technology will empower the construction sector to shed the archaic processes and achieve significant productivity gains. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry dates back to the coliseums of Rome and the pyramids of...

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Construction Sector
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The incorporation of AI technology in the construction industry has facilitated better safety, higher efficiency, and lower downtime. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has not completely realized the potential of artificial...

How Technologies are Revolutionizing the Future of Construction?
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Technologies in the construction industry help in enhancing the productivity and boosting profits of the companies. The adoption and integration of several technologies provide the best opportunities for the construction business to thrive in the...

Top 5 Construction Trends Every CIOs Must Know
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The upcoming technology trends in the construction sector will massively revolutionize the construction sector. FREMONT, CA: Technology is ruling every field in today's world, especially the construction industry like never before. An...

8 Reasons to Prove the Hype of 3D Printers in Global Construction
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Since its inception, 3D printing technology's benefits are spreading like wildfire. It has proven to be beneficial in aerospace, medical, and other tool-making arenas. Is it same in the construction sector?  FREMONT, CA: 3D printing...

It All Starts With Having An Innovative Culture
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Craig Chappell, Virtual Design and Construction Technology Specialist, TDIndustries

Think back to the last big change your company attempted. Did it succeed? Most of the time, the answer is a resolute “No!” Historically, the construction industry has been slow to innovate. As one of my favorite blogs points out,...

Optimizing Workforce: The key to Efficient Construction Projects
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Technology is equipping the construction industry to drive workforce productivity. FREMONT, CA: Technology can assist the construction industry in improving the efficiency of its workforce. With rapidly evolving technologies and...

The Internet of Things and its Immense Value to the Construction Industry
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The list of potential applications of IoT in the construction industry can be extensive. Here are a few crucial ones.     FREMONT, CA: The possibilities that come with being able to connect devices to the internet are numerous....

The Impact of Blockchain on the Construction Industry
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While more blockchain capabilities are rolled out, it is only a matter of time before this impressive technology delivers the project efficiencies that are guaranteed FREMONT, CA: The construction sector has often been used to kick-start the...

Top IoT Applications Transforming the Outlook of Construction
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The IoT wave has started to transform the construction industry. Appropriately implementing IoT technology into a worksite can significantly increase efficiency, productivity, and worker safety. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry can now...

5D BIM: Accuracy-Driven Cost-Planning Approach, Sophisticating Smarter Construction
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5D BIM is helping the construction industry not only re-imagine supply chains and workflow but making costing and estimation, more accurate and definite.    FREMONT, CA: Building Information Modeling has entered the field of...

AR and VR to Forge Virtual Construction Worksite
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With the development of AR and VR technologies, the future of architecture and construction in Tech-enabled reality is sure to boom. The market has a deeper horizon for its implementation in the sector. FREMONT, CA: One of the world's...

Deriving the Best of BIM through Successful Team Meeting Strategies
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BIM is now the new norm in the arena of construction. A clear strategy and comprehensive team meetings in the right way can fetch you excellent results. FREMONT, CA: The construction sector is under a transformational phase as Building...

The All-New BIM and Cybersecurity Hybrid Reorients Construction
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The demand for infrastructure is ever-increasing. Cybersecurity and BIM join together to open better smart building operations as cybersecurity needs to be a cornerstone for all IoT solutions and deployments.   FREMONT, CA: Smart buildings...
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