Digitalization of the Construction Industry
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Sameer Purao, CIO, Austin Industries

Construction is a $10 trillion global industry, but it’s plagued by paper based inefficient processes and low productivity. Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80...

"A Programmer, A Controls Engineer and A Mathematician Walk into an X-Bar..."
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Dennis Rausch, VP IT, Rea Magnet Wire Company

In process manufacturing environments, the production operator relies heavily on process signals, closed-loop process controls, along with continuous and intermittent product testing results. The systems that would give the operator the very best...

Incentivizing Next Generation Technology
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G Nagesh Rao, Chief Technologist, 2016 USA Eisenhower Fellow, US Small Business Administration

The future of next generation technology and innovation lies in the heart of the public sector enabling and willing to let that development come to fruition which is only feasibly executed via the private enterprise. Thus the notion of empowering...

A Construction Space Oddity, Time to Leave the Capsule
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Blaine Crawford, Director of Information Technology, C.W. Driver, LLC

A common perception of the construction industry is that of it being relatively slow with technology adaption.  After all, construction methods seemed to have not changed much since the completion of the Roman aqueducts some might think. But...

Bidtracer: Automated Construction Management Spearhead
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Samir Gulrajani, VP and Krishan Mehta, President

Develops construction management software to connect workers on site and subcontractors through a collaborative cloud environment

APE Mobile: Automating Site Paperwork
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Matt Edwards, Founder & CEO

Provides a paperless site app for civil construction and engineering industry
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