Top 5 Construction Trends Every CIOs Must Know
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The upcoming technology trends in the construction sector will massively revolutionize the construction sector. FREMONT, CA: Technology is ruling every field in today's world, especially the construction industry like never before. An...

5 Technologies that will change the face of the Construction Industry
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The construction industry is proliferating at a pace never known before. Technologies had a significant impact on the methods and systems for constructing all types of projects.  FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has always faced...

4 Construction Trends to Remain Competitive in the Market
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Construction companies are finding ways to integrate innovative approaches with their strategy and workflows to remain competitive and relevant. FREMONT, CA: The construction industry is under a significant paradigm shift. The most current...

Optimizing Workforce: The key to Efficient Construction Projects
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Technology is equipping the construction industry to drive workforce productivity. FREMONT, CA: Technology can assist the construction industry in improving the efficiency of its workforce. With rapidly evolving technologies and...

6 Incredible Technologies Generating Great Value to the Builders
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Novel technologies in construction are developing at a breakneck pace. Great value is generated by optimizing efficiency and productivity at every stage, from planning to construction with this incredible advancement. FREMONT, CA: The...

AR and VR to Forge Virtual Construction Worksite
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With the development of AR and VR technologies, the future of architecture and construction in Tech-enabled reality is sure to boom. The market has a deeper horizon for its implementation in the sector. FREMONT, CA: One of the world's...

New Age Technologies Reshaping Construction
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FREMONT, CA: Traditionally, the construction sector had been slow to integrate change into their business models. Lack of IT skilled staff, employee's uneasiness in using technology are pulling back the industry from embracing technology. A...

World's Second Oldest Industry is becoming the Unexpected Audiovisual Technology Innovator
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Salla Palos, Emerging Technology & Innovation Director, Sellen Construction

The first buildings were crafted by people using their hands and simple tools. As cities started growing during the Bronze Age, professional craftsmen appeared. In the Middle Ages, people with specific skills organized into guilds and project...

New Age Technologies for Construction Industry
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Rising industrial, commercial and residential growth is driving demand for faster construction and best in class quality. This has made it integral to use advanced construction technologies to meet this increasing demand. Technological...

Collaboration, Infomobility and The Future of Construction
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Carol Hagen, President, Hagen Business Systems

It’s been said that to get everyone on the same page you need a work space that embodies the lowest common denominator. In construction that tends to be the smallest subcontractor or supplier on a project, but as technology becomes pervasive...

ConTech - Technologies Used, Market Values, and Predictions
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ConTech can be explained in many ways. ConTech is a technology used to innovate the way companies plan, design, and build structures. It also overlaps with construction and management. ConTech can also be called PropTech, but some experts...

Take it Back-to-Basics When Chasing Shiny New Objects
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Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

Over the past five plus years, there have been an amazing number of technological advancements introduced to the construction industry. Many, if not most, of these technologies evolve either from the consumer space, military, or other established...

Top 4 Construction Tech to Watch Out for in the Upcoming Years
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Technology has been leading the way for significant transformation for the past twenty years in almost all industries. Few of the most noteworthy example includes Uber’s use of technology for transforming the taxi industry and the...
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