How Does an Agile Approach Translate into Agility in Project Management Practice?
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Mark Welsh, Digital Transformation Program Lead, Bunnings Group Ltd

Agile and agility have now become common place terms we hear on a daily basis. Once solely in the realm of software developers but now so “normal” that we hear even sports people and politicians regularly mention it. However, what does...

The Art of Getting the Right Things Done
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Mattias Hallberg, CIO and Board Member, Wahl and Case

In my 13 years of experience in managing projects, I have learned that ‘Doing the Right Project’ is often more difficult than ‘Doing the Project Right’. For both, large sources of knowledge are available and finding...

Project Management and the role of the Project Manager in an Agile World
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Craig Lauchlan, General Manager, Customer Experience Transformation, AGL Energy

It is 9:20 am on a Monday morning and I have just partic­ipated in the daily stand-up for a major digital channel initiative that we are delivering to market in two months’ time. The Release Train Engineer ran the stand-up, which...

Technology Developments and Transformations in Project Management
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Rakhi Seth-Forrest, Manager, Process Operations & Consumer Fraud, HBO

Rapidly evolving developments in technology are impacting the landscape of project management, prompting transformations. Business leaders will need to harness new technology in order to revolutionize the way that project teams think and work, in...

Leveraging Compliance to Your Advantage
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Mark Bloom, Global CIO, Aegon [NYSE:AEG]

Assuming you are an IT professional/executive, what is your first reaction when you hear the word ‘compliance’? Fear? Trepidation? Do you think it’s an impediment to progress? Or do you see it as critically important? A trusted...

Triskell Software: Bringing Agile and SaaS Together in PPM
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Angel Garcia, CEO

Provides a new platform using the most modern technology, with the clear advantage in pure SaaS solution and focus on usability, flexibility and performance
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