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Why Automation is the Answer for Cumbersome Construction Processes?

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The construction industry, one of the largest businesses, has a market capitalization of more than $ 10 trillion. However, the industry still uses outdated machines and processes, affecting the overall growth of the industry.

The recent advances in the digital world can be a trump card for efficient construction processes. Construction companies can use innovative technology to improve their productivity and reduce wastage. Here are a few automation features that can help the construction industry:

Drones for monitoring and inspection: The traditional construction companies use a team of inspectors to analyze safety precautions and progress of the construction site. Drones technology can be an ideal replacement as it can inspect the entire construction site with more efficiency with the help of a single pilot. Furthermore, surveyors on the construction site use GPS coordinates to determine the quantity of materials, which can be a time-consuming process. However, survey or drones, which are equipped with cameras and lasers, can determine the quantity and cross-section piles of materials in minutes.

Prefabricated homes: Construction companies are pushing for prefabricated homes, which are developed in the warehouses. These warehouses have efficient technicians and innovative tools, which can enhance worker productivity and reduce costs. Prefabricated homes are slowly gaining steam across countries with 16 percent adoption in Japan and a whopping 40 percent in Sweden. Many of these construction warehouses also have assembly lines in which parts are added from workstation to workstation until the production of final assembly.

Autonomous equipment: Acknowledging the huge potential of automation in the construction industry, many players have come up with innovative solutions to increase the productivity of construction companies. For example, Stiles Machinery has developed a product called multi-function bridge that automates wood-framed panel production. The product can help in cost cutting in many areas like pre-cutting, staging, and repeated handling of sheathing materials. Trimble offers Earthworks Software, which provides innovative solutions for excavators. The software allows workers to dig according to the design and save time, ensuring a fast excavation.

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