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What Lies in the Future of Interior Design?

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Technology is all set to play a significant role in determining the future of interior design.

FREMONT, CA: It can be complicated to predict the future, the experts around the world are struggling to determine where the world will stand in fifty years, and many fierce debates have been going on about the same matter. As technology is instrumental or the future of interior design, it is essential to determine which technology and how to use them.

Here are few technologies for the most creative and exciting minds who want a future in interior design.

Top 10 Intelligent Building Consulting/Service Companies - 20203D Printing

The advancement in 3D printing shapes the interior world to the extent that some believe it is on the cusp of another industrial revolution. Where it used to be costly and hectic, today, 3D printing is more efficient and exciting. Interior designers can instantly demonstrate their designs and allow their clients to touch and feel their miniature form ideas. With the help of 3D printing, the time between idea conception and its implementation is highly reduced. This accelerates an interior designer's work and cuts the client's costs—a win for both parties.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has emerged to be one of the most popular words this year. Starting from glorifying gaming to helping with healthcare, VR is set to take center stage in numerous industries over the next few years. Interior experts are especially excited about their uses in their profession. Imagine testing hundreds of furniture pieces, wallpaper designs, or flooring varieties at the click of a button. It is no surprise that the interior design industry welcomes VR as the start of a new, technological future.

Sustainable Design

As consumers grow weary of the environmental and social mark, they are leaving on the world, so the interest in sustainable design increases. Sustainable design has become a buzzword across a range of industries, from landscaping to beauty, the future for eco-friendly looks bright. For interiors where it used to have a shabby chic, today, eco-friendly design is entirely on-trend. This trend is set to grow as the future of interior design is considered. Upcycling furniture, buying local, and actively seeking energy-efficient materials are becoming very common. 

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