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What are the Advantages of Adopting BIM

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The companies are using building information modeling (BIM) as it helps them to preserve every information related to the project.

FREMONT, CA: Building information modeling or BIM is a method of adding and preserving information in a project starting from its initial stage to completing it. Behind the structure of building information modeling is a three-dimensional model that contains information about each component. The information offered is also extraordinarily particular and detailed as it covers every possible way in which the individual elements can be stated.

According to the experts, the change of planning from CAD to BIM can benefit the construction companies. The designers who have already utilized BIM software can make a smooth transition. However, the construction companies using CAD solutions are gradually turning towards the solutions that support BIM as they can understand its benefits. The specialized users are also becoming progressively aware of BIM and the legal steps to implement BIM in the system. The project documentation necessities had become extensive compared to the past when it was reduced to the DPS regulations (documentation necessary for getting acquiring building permission) that were weak. Here are some of the contributing factors of BIM

Significantly more detailed building documentation

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The building documentation contains positions and shapes of every component, along with the entire structures. It represents a massive development towards meticulous documentation because every individual element is described and specified.

BIM improves the cooperation among the individual professions

When the BIM was developed, the Buildingsmart was also launched in the market. It elaborates on the process followed by BIM and standardizes the format of the data transmitted among the individual types of architectural software. The design is popularly known as IFC, and all kind of architectural software supports it.

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Once the building is complete, the data does not get lost

Building management is a long-term activity due to which the expenses of it is also higher. It is necessary to keep the data, building information modeling, and utilizing it for building management. For example, it will help improve the information related to the air-handling unit's performance and its exact type for the necessary servicing intervals. It also helps the companies to reduce the expense required for the new model that can serve the building management.

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