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Technology in Construction

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Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

This is What we Hope to Expect After the Pandemic 2021

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What happens Post the Pandemic? What lessons can take from one of the most devastating periods of human history. Here is a report.

Working from home will not change much. Even if the worst of the pandemic has passed and many people have been vaccinated, working from home will continue. The company found that when you let employees provide their own office space, their management costs will be reduced. Employees find that just because commuting is better, they like to work from home. But they both found that employees can be as efficient at home as they are in the office, and are usually more productive.

For some employees, the change is that home visits will become a regular function of work. Working from home is common, but as long as it's safe, there are reasons to go to the office. This means that IT employees will need to find ways to support employees at home and in the office at their convenience.

Safety support for employees working from home will become critical. When the pandemic started, everyone just went home and did their best. But since then, it has become clear that stronger security measures are needed. Phishing has become a huge problem, so IT staff will participate in building a business-level remote access system that protects users and the company. It is expected that commercial VPN, email security, remote access server and commercial anti-malware software can be configured for everyone.

Your IT budget may decrease in the first half of the year. In the past year, many companies have been trying to reduce revenue and are therefore reluctant to increase employees. However, they will still increase requirements, especially after new security threats (such as Russian hacking across the government) emerge.

The US government's large-scale invasion of Russia, coupled with several private companies, has scared managers, and they hope IT personnel can provide some assurance. But what really caught their attention was when they discovered that this was only the first hacker they found, not the worst.


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