Construction Densification Challenges

Moad Ziadi, Director Of Construction Projects Europe, Urw

Construction Densification Challenges

The Future Of Construction Technology

Randee Herrin, Senior Vice President, Construction Technologies And Manufacturing, Td industries

The Future Of Construction Technology

Construction Risk is a Data Problem

Amias Gerety, Partner, QED Investors

Construction Risk is a Data Problem

Understanding Edge Computing Archetypes And Why It Matters To Your Smart Building

Arunangshu Chattopadhyay, Director, Power Product Marketing, Vertiv Asia

Understanding Edge Computing Archetypes And Why It Matters To Your Smart Building

Technological Advancements in the Construction Industry

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The construction industry has been behind the curve in technological advancements for long but things are changing now. Industry 4.0 revolution is resulting in the transformation of each sector. Data-driven technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and various others have been able to find applications from core to crust in various industries. Technology withholds enough for the construction sector to pace up in the technical ameliorations.

Drone Inspection

Inspection is a key operation at construction sites. Earlier humans had to do this on foot but now drones have facilitated them to carry out long inspections through remote cameras. Drones can go places and heights that treacherous for humans to reach. It saves time and reduces risk; also can operate long hours without tiring.

Worker Safety Improvement

IoT devices have emerged as a boon for industries, especially for worker safety. Construction companies can now install IoT sensors that can ensure that the safety measures and guidelines are being properly followed or not— instead of manually. Machinery breakdown has always been a nag and risk for worker safety but with connected device technology, pre-maintenance is possible, disabling sudden failures and safety risks. Sensors continuously gather data about machine parts and with its analysis faults can be treated even before they occur.

3D Modelling and Precision Measurement

Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality have permitted construction designers to create 3D models of the buildings immediately and look for improvements required. Software available for the job are low cost and easy to use, making it feasible for all. 3D models prove a great help in convincing investors and future training and simulations.

Asset Tracking

Time is crucial at construction sites and work cannot be hindered for tracking assets. Dedicated software can now keep a track of all assets at the site accurately, making them available whenever required. For larger sites, fleet tracking could be highly beneficial, cutting down the overhead cost. The implementation might be costly but experienced professionals understand it’s worthwhile.

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