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Nick Kingsbury, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partner

Technology in Construction

Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

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Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

Survive the Pandemic: Still Some Way to Go

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Long Term Implications of the Pandemic

FREMONT, CA: COVID-19 challenges every individual and business system that we believe to be unshakable. Experts warn that even if part of the population starts to be vaccinated, the economy is still far from immune. However, despite the damage, pain and loss caused by the virus to the world, there is still a glimmer of hope for businesses today.

Broken Beliefs, Better Adaptability

Concerning the construction businesses, this has a major influence on operations. One of the best and most obvious examples of this is with remote work. What is not always obvious is its ramifications in the way companies run their business. How they sell, how they market their services and products and how they set up and manage the whole value chain. It's all fertile terrain for innovation. Some businesses admittedly are having better results working remotely than others due to industry advantages or the way they’re going about things. Many are saying it’s not hurting productivity, while others aren’t sure if it’s sustainable. But leaders are at least willing to make allowances in ways they never did in the past, which might lead them to more efficient, enjoyable processes for the long term -- and create opportunities for those who help them along the way.

An Environment Ripe With New Opportunities

Before the pandemic, entrepreneurs tended to gravitate around certain areas. They congregated in these locations largely because they were really strong in both tech academia and the availability of venture capital. At the same time, they’d stick close to home when looking for co-founders. Working together in metaphorical garages was the norm. Entrepreneurs typically sat in the same location when they hired their teams.

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