Skyrocketing Usage of Drones at Construction Sites

Construction Tech Review | Thursday, June 13, 2019

Do you know that the construction industry is one of the fastest growing adopters of drones for commercial purposes? Yes, use of drones in construction surged at the rate according to a commercial drone maker company. This is a testimony to the widespread acceptance of drones in the industry. Drones are a significant asset for construction companies to have on-site as they serve many purposes.  The significant changes happening because of the presence of drones at the site of construction are listed here.

• Surveying becomes easier than ever

Accurate surveys are a big necessity in the field of construction. Previously, construction engineers depended upon workers and handheld instruments to conduct surveys, but with the adoption of drone, surveying is changing. Now, drones have made aerial survey the standard way of surveying, and it is one of the most popular uses of drone technology.

• Evaluating construction processes in real-time

With drones at hand, the constant need to be on-site to keep an eye on progress is now minimized. In the near future drones are expected to assist in many critical construction activities. Construction time for high-rise buildings will reduce substantially when that happens, and projects will be on-track and on-budget.

• Showing progress of construction to clients

Clients often demand that companies show them the developments at the job site. Drone technology allows companies to update clients with images that depict the stage of work from various directions. Architects and designers also use drones in the process of designing and modifying the under-construction projects.

• Inspection of buildings and safety monitoring

Safety monitoring is very crucial at construction sites. Drones are making safety monitoring easy and hassle-free as they collect site data continually and keep track of safety measures. Inspection of a building does not need expensive software anymore as drones are doing the job of inspecting new and old buildings to detect any risks that might require maintenance.

Apart from these, drones technology also aid in improved communication and work management. Soon, one can expect to see drones being used for their transportation abilities as well. Drones offer significant advantages to the construction industry.

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