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Pickard Chilton to Plan and Design Urban Development in Stuttgart

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hines, a global real estate firm, recently hired Pickard Chilton, an award-winning architecture studio popular for its innovative styles and state-of-the-art designs, to plan and design the urban development in Stuttgart, Germany. The architecture studio participated in an international competition, where the real estate firm selected it.

Pickard Chilton has expertise in designing complex, high-profile buildings such as corporate headquarters, commercial offices, hotels, academic centers, and health facilities. It provides a knowledge-based perspective to clients, emphasizing the design and integrity of its modular construction projects.

The new urban development project sweeps over 125,000 m2 (1.4 million f2) of land. The project aims to maximize open space and integrate itself into the urban scenery of the region. It plans to bring a balance into the landscape by introducing a hotel and boarding-house, and a public ground level composed of cafes, restaurants, and other needed facilities.

The idea of the new project is focused on creating new office spaces and ample public space at the center. The building will mostly be concentrated on the east and west of the site, complementing the topography of the site. The project revolves around the core principle of sustainability, with the green roof terraces integrated with photovoltaic panels.

Pickard Chilton looks forward to collaborating with Hines on the urban development project, as it will allow them to create an advanced and sustainable urban space, contributing to the neighborhood as well the environment. The project will follow  Hines’ vision of developing sustainable architecture in the 21st century.

The open office design is in the shape of H with a provision for courtyards and bicycle storage spaces. The flexible planning of urban development will ensure the long-term resiliency of the buildings according to the market. The public space at the center of the project will add to the list of civic spaces in the city.

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