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Necessity of Geotechnical Support Drives Bentley Systems to Acquire Keynetix

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Bentley Systems, an American software developing, manufacturing, licensing company, announced their partnership with Keynetix, an UK-based geo-environment data management company. The collaboration grants Bentley the authority to access Keynetix's subsurface mapping infrastructure for commanding strategic solutions. The movement toward attaining a subsurface digital twin dragged the attention of Bentley system to Keynetix.

Keynetix's unique platform helps in creating an enhanced 3D structure of the underground ecosystem, which in turn provides assistance to geologists, chemists, pedologists, and engineers for identifying various underground structural anomalies. Acquiring a digital twin unfolds meticulous understanding of single, highly critical components within manufacturing stages. The entire product line can improve immensely by monitoring the data obtained from system level digital twins. Strategic inspection of fabricated data from digital twins grants manufacturers, designers, producers, and distributors a blueprint of entire product life-cycle. Digital twins utilize machine learning to monitor performances of past data, scrutinize real-time processes, and engineer activities of later stages. 

Digital twin technology increases equipment and process-line reliability, elevates overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduces risk in product inventory, lowers down maintenance cost, shortens the time in an assembly line, and heightens profit margins. The panorama of advantages caught the eye of Bob Mankowski, vice-president and business unit executive of digital cities for Bentley Systems. Dr. Mankowski believes that the difficulties and hindrances faced by geologists, chemists, and engineers of a potential project site before advancing to the infrastructure and building stages will be significantly reduced by undertaking subsurface digital twin technology. The highest risk to infrastructure and property building constructors comes from faulty subsurface drafts causing a dent in the entire building process by impacting schedule time, hampering project safety, and increasing the budget.

Hopes are raised for Roger Chandler, managing director of Keynetix as Bentley's cutting-edge cloud servicing and analyzing platform will cause an increase in the customers and partners toward the digitally engineered geotechnical industry. Keynetix's fully seasoned technical team is looking forward to undertaking this opportunity to enhance their knowledge of subsurface activities for achieving strong geotechnical portfolios.

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