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Contact Tracing Technology Keeps Job Sites Moving During Pandemic

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Protecting Ip Amidst The Pandemic

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Key Advantages Standard Air Handling Units Can Provide

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Monday, January 25, 2021

AHU can offer results matched to site-specific circumstances; standard units can provide several advantages.

FREMONT, CA: Energy efficiency is becoming important across everything people do, buy, and consume. This is especially true of Air Handling Units (AHUs), with the implications of poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and stricter regulations like Ecodesign placing renewed emphasis on reducing running costs without sacrificing practicality. When specifying an AHU, the primary consideration required is whether the project needs users to take the bespoke design route or opt for a more standard offering. While a bespoke AHU can deliver results tailored to site-specific circumstances, standard units can provide several benefits. Here are the key benefits.

• A Swift Solution

Due to having a set of features, standard AHUs can be created for significantly shorter lead times for customers. The length of a project, from design to completion, will decide whether a standard product initially specified is still suitable and compliant or if it requires changing to another size or a completely bespoke solution. For a rapid turnaround of your mechanical AHU project with general comfort ventilation needs, the standard PURA units are a perfect fit.Air handling

Spec, Build, Repeat

Choosing a standard solution essentially means that one product ordered will be the same as one ordered tomorrow. The combination of features, performance, and footprint is fixed for each size of the product range, making them ideal for projects that need equipment of the same specification, like schools or office blocks. Nevertheless, ‘standard’ doesn’t equate to average, as the units are developed to high standards of quality and airtightness, matched with the latest technology that promotes IAQ and maximizes energy efficiency.

Simple Specification

With a standard solution, users are presented with features that meet requirements for mechanical ventilation, well ahead of a project taking place. Performance, footprint, and pricing information can be seamlessly obtained from a manufacturer’s product brochure ahead of the specification. Standard products like the PURA range are supported by BIM models, making the specification process even easy. Its sensors can identifications alterations in occupancy levels and adjust the ventilation of the occupied space accordingly. Its intuitive design and built-in screen ensure it is seamless to operate.

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