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Is Building Management Getting Smarter?

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

With the magic of automation, construction is not only fast and easy but highly efficient as well.

FREMONT, CA: Building automation is taking up the center of the stage with the construction industry looking to become completely high tech. Automation has now been emerging as a quintessential tool to carry out critical construction processes. Since sustainability is the new norm in the realm of construction, energy efficiency, and environment-friendliness are given high importance in the market. Building automation system (BAS) is also called a Building management system (BMS). In order to stay in tandem with the advancements in technology, BAS integrates itself with cloud computing, analytics, internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and many more such technologies.

Building managers are often left with a stumbling block of managing hefty amounts of building data. With technology and its advancements, BAS is more than just a static building manager. Smarter BAS has become a tool for integration and aggregation. Also, the introduction of operations technology is yet another feature that adds immense advantages to the modern building automation system. Intelligent hardware components such as sensors extend the goodness of building automation. Top 10 Bridge Tech Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

The reasons for the tremendous transformation of a BAS could be many; it could be the move towards environmental sustainability and other green initiatives, growing and changing needs and expectations of the users, or the pressure to mandate technological incorporations. Highly modernized BAS is highly efficient and offers a multitude of innovative services and benefits over a traditional BAS, which was confined to basic assistance pertaining to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and more. In addition, remote technology helps not only the managers of the building but the dwellers or th residents the building as well, in operating the appliances and other indoor amenities through mobile or computer applications.

With all the advantages, including IP protocols, peer to peer networking standards that the technology has brought to the field of construction, construction, and building management is surely becoming smarter and revolutionized.

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