Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the AEC space

Raymond Kent, Principal, Director of the Innovative Technology Design Group at DLR Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the AEC space

Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

Ron Adams, Vice President Risk Management, Baker Roofing Company; Nina M. French, President, Employer + Law Enforcement Solutions, Hound Labs, Inc.

Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

How Technology is Transforming Construction and Demolition

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Technology has made the process of C&D easy, where materials can be separated like metals, composites, plastic, and concrete.

FREMONT, CA: Increasing economic activities and going disposable income is boosting the construction industries. Construction activities is witnessing a significant surge in the developing economies, whereas reconstruction activities are gaining momentum in the developed parts of the world. However, the major challenge faced by most of the construction companies is the strengthening of government regulations on environment-friendly constructions. This is increasing the popularity of reusing construction materials.

Reusing of construction materials not only reduces the cost of construction but also helps in green building. For reusing construction materials, sorting of construction and demolition materials is very important. Traditionally sorting of construction and demolition sites was done by engaging labor. However, this process is not only time consuming but also capital extensive. With the advancement of technology, most of the construction companies are using ballistic shredders to dismantle the construction materials and segregate the different materials such as plastic, metals, composites, and concrete.

The degree of recyclability of construction materials by using ballistic shredders are good but to a certain extent. To increase the degree of recyclability, in advanced countries, robotics technologies are being engaged in construction and demolition recycling since the past couple of years. Innovative equipment manufacturers are updating the robots being used in construction and demotion activities to retrieve the different types of materials. For example, magnetics, coupled with robotic technology, are being implemented to collect the metals from construction and demolition recycling sites.

Technology for construction and demolition is in the phase of innovation. New technologies are being tested and implemented. Recovery rates of recycled materials have been a significant concern in construction recycling. In the last couple of years, 3D technology is applied to develop 3D enabled conveyor systems to recover recyclable materials segregated by the ballistic shredders and robots.

Ballistic shredders are major machinery engaged in construction and demolition recycling activities. However, implementing technologies such as robotics and 3D imaging helps to optimize the process and enhance the rate of recycling.

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