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How Technology Has Changed the Way Construction Industry Functions

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, May 18, 2020

With the emergence of new technologies, the availability of data, and new tools coming into play, the need to adapt and challenge the traditional business models is more evident than ever in the construction industry.

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation, modern methods of construction, infrastructure investment, and the industries' response to climate change are all trends that are still shaping the construction industry. These trends will help align with the changing needs of the workforce in the present day. The transformation can see organizations from other sectors too, like automotive manufacturers, enter the market as an opportunity to diversify. The industry needs to keep up with the trends and continue to build extraordinary places for people to live, learn, work, play, and also create.

Worker safety is now a priority most of the organizations across the industry realized in the past years. And, more organizations realize the fact that a proactive approach to injury prevention and treatment demonstrates a commitment to workers' wellbeing.

Below given are some of the technological trends that are still transforming the construction industry.


BIM Top 10 Safety and Compliance Companies - 2019 has the most potential to be the most disruptive digital tool in the construction industry. BIM helps architects and engineers to visualize the construction project before building. By doing so not only helps to estimate how much of a specific material is needed but enables an insight into how a building may hold up over time but also minimizes the amount of waste, but also promotes sustainable practices and optimizes building efficiency.


Along with the enhancing AR, VR is gaining more popularity in the construction sector. Engineers can wear a pair of AR glasses with a combination of 3D models, allows the user to visualize behind-the-wall of piping or underground cables with directions for how to fix the problem. Not only is this procedure more efficient in terms of time and money, but it also mitigates mistakes or potentially dangerous scenarios.

Green Technology

For the past years, the main focus of the construction industry has been on the sustainability of the sector. Green construction is an emerging trend. People are always looking for ways to incorporate sustainability in construction processes. A population brings a clear need for more buildings. However, the focus shifted on building more developments, which, being low-carbon, are great places to live and work.

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